Funny Economics

Ya know I never should have spent so much time sleeping during Econ 101. For years I thought the free market system, capitalism, drove competition, which drove down prices, and when it's working, drove up profits.

I was wrong, as Congressman Jack Kingston so clearly pointed out. Now I can't edit this, so please just scroll ahead to minute 5:00 and watch and learn.

It seems in the GOP world, competition drives PROFIT down. Wait, I think that may be true! So by privatizing Medicare we won't be boosting profits, we'll be limiting them. That's the Ryan plan. Over the next 75 years we will eliminate the deficit. And drive corporate America into the Red hole. Very nice Senator Ryan. But not making a whole lot of Republican sense. Something seems amiss.

Now I'm sure Kingston misspoke. He couldn't possibly be that uneducated or uninformed. He's a Congressman. So that requires a brain. Or maybe not. Maybe he didn't mean it to be factual. Maybe it was a Kylism. It's the new Political Speak. Facts be damned, say anything you want. Particularly in Arizona. With such a horrific educational system, ignorance is truly bliss.

Should we all just chuckle and say oops? Well, if this all weren't so ludicrous we could. The GOP wants to give me a voucher and let me go find my own insurance with no economy of scale or group plan. And this will mean I will pay less and the insurance company will lose money. Say what? Ryan wants the Insurance companies to lose money? He wants the consumer to pay less, get more, and screw the economy? um, no. Not likely.

I have my own 10 point plan to reduce the deficit.
1. Eliminate health insurance for anyone who votes to eliminate mine.
2. Eliminate expense accounts for elected officials. I don't want to pay for their lunches anymore.
3. Eliminate all funding for nuclear anything. That stuff kills people.
4. Eliminate all pensions for elected officials who vote to remove my social security.
5. Eliminate all meetings behind closed doors in DC. Make all meetings conducted by federal employees on the clock, web-based, open to the public and recorded. It's called accountability. That'll help.
6. Eliminate the unspoken dress code. Designer suits and outsourced clothes are out, American Apparel is in.
7. Eliminate the high salaries. Instead, provide free, dormitory stye accommodations for all elected officials, and reduce salaries in accordance with their new lower living expenses.
8. Eliminate our dependancy on foreign oil. Build the dang High Speed Rail and start powering up with the Sun, the Wind and the Water.
9. Now, get the hell out of the middle east. That'll save Billions.
10. If none of those work well then hey, defund the CDC, The FDA, the FTC, the EPA and any other government watchdog group. Defund PBS and NPR and any other group that helps inform and educate. Defund our already plundered educational system. Get rid of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. And by all means, defund Planned Parenthood. You won't need it. With all those other cuts, you'll have plenty of population control. Poverty, disease, accidents, crime, pollution, poisonous food... but, hey, think of the bright side. Fewer people to take care of. Deficit reduction by population reduction. Problem solved. And maybe, well, anyone remember Soylent Green?

Oh wait. I think that's the real Ryan plan.

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