10 reasons why we should support Trump's political aspirations:

1) He's filed for bankruptcy 3 times and yet major banks still lend him money. Obviously he's used to having enormous debt and not bothering to pay it back.
2) He tried to evict a little old lady in Atlantic City to build a limousine waiting area for a casino, evidence of a clear understanding of eminent domain. Imagine what he could do with the constitution!
3) Obviously he shares our pain during economic downturns. He knows what it's like to lose everything. Again. And Again. And Again.
4) He's living proof that GLH formula works. Obviously a boost to the American Male Psyche.
5) He has his own TV show. With former celebrities and aspiring celebrities. Just no actual real-time ones. Thus the term Apprentice.
6) We need our own royal wedding in the White House. And with his track record, wife number 4 can't be too far down the road.
7) Caricature artists will finally have the perfect model. Alfred E. Newman eat your heart out.
8) Trump Tower will start offering public tours. After all, The White House can't compare to his own luxurious accommodations.
9) The campaign will be a wide-open field of mud slinging. Just imagine the dirt that'll be kicked up. The New York Post will have headlines once again. Distasteful and glorious in all their vulgarity. And for the first time in decades, all true.
10) Who else will provide the ultimate in tasteless entertainment trying to prove he's smarter than a 5th grader?

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