turn it off

OK. Now no more excuses. Here are some excellent ways to occupy yourself on a Sunday Night without turning on Idiot Apprentice. Unless of course lining the Duck's pockets with your hard earned money is your idea of a good time.

So. It's Sunday Night. If you're lucky, you have to work on Monday. Best not to stray too far from home. So what could be more fun than Celebrity HooHah?
1) Trim your toenails and give your partner a break from all those scratches.
2) Give your pet a pedicure. Same reason
3) Give your pet a bath. Cheaper than air freshener.
4) Give your kids a bath. Same reason
5) Read something. War and Peace maybe.
6) Pay bills.
7) Invite your in-laws over.
8) Enter the forbidden zone...your teenager's room...and tell them to clean it up.
9) Write that will you've been putting off, well, all your adult life.
10) Clean the fridge. Penicillin was discovered already.

Any of these activities are, in fact, more entertaining and more palatable than Celebrity Dick.
Sorry. I meant Slick. Neither here nor there. Point is, turn that damn show off and do something that doesn't contribute to the delinquency of the mind.

You'll be a better person for it. And he'll be a poorer one.

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