This is my country....

Come on...sing it with me... This is my country, land of my Birth! Oh wait, tell that to the Donald as he sends his "investigators" down to Hawaii to dig up the real deal on our President's birth.
Talk about conspiracy theories.... they actually placed a phony birth notice back in 1961 in the local paper because they knew when he was born he was destined to be President. Wow. In case you missed it, here's Bill Cosby's take on the situation.

This is my Country. Where Bristol Palin is the first unwed teen mother to earn $250,000.00 preaching abstinence. Something she is uniquely qualified to talk about. Tell that to all the other single teen moms out there just trying to survive. Better yet, let's start a speakers' bureau for them.

John Boehner is trying to figure out whether shutting down our nation will help him, or harm him, politically speaking. Buddy, listen up. When Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee tell you to shut up and close the deal...they probably know what they are saying. I don't often agree with those two. Ok. I NEVER agree with them. Till now.

Now playing on CNN: Live video of a tornado watch in Oklahoma. Seriously. Now this isn't an actual tornado. It's live video allowing us to WATCH a Tornado WATCH. In Oklahoma. Ok. Maybe this works for top news on a slow day.
But in the middle of a potential government shutdown this is news? It's Oklahoma. Tornado Alley. Get back to us when something touches down. Though I sure hope nothing does.

Speaking of a government shutdown, what will all those stubborn mules tell their children at the dinner table? Is this not the ultimate do as I say not as I do? Parents teach their children to compromise from day one. And in a perfect world, could point to Washington DC and tell them our nation epitomizes the art of compromise. We can't.

Instead, while the toddlers in DC fold their arms in front of their chest, suck in some hot air and look for the nearest camera crew, so they can watch themselves, sorry, I mean their favorite American Heroes, on TV when it all goes to hell...

the rest of us are clasping our heads, sucking in a lot of polluted air, looking for the nearest remote so we can turn on the TV, tune in to Pawn Stars, and watch OUR favorite American Hero. Chumlee.

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