But all I ate was a salad...

I know you've said to yourself a million times. All I ate was a salad. Really.

Went to lunch with the BFF's and you were soooo good. All you ate was a salad. And you didn't touch the bread. Let's analyze that salad shall we? Croutons? yup. Creamy dressing? yup. Avocado? Of course.

Swapped that baked potato for a salad last night? Was it the candied walnut with raspberry vinaigrette? Oooh, no it was the wedge with the Blue Cheese Dressing.

Everyone else ate Tacos and Burritos and you went with the Taco Salad. Yep. Tortilla strips, refried beans, guacamole... uh huh.

These aren't healthy salads people. These are fat traps. They are the food devil in disguise.

A salad should be about the fresh organic ingredients in it. A good salad has no grains, no gluten and no refined sugars or HFCS. It doesn't have dried fruit or processed salad dressings.

If you want to avow that you only had a salad... hold the croutons, use a good olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

A wedge with Blue Cheese? Great as long as it's Blue Cheese crumbles and not that thicky chunky goop that came out of a bottle.

Dried fruit and candied nuts don't belong on your salad. And I am the queen of toppings, so I know about these little mischief makers.

Taco Salads are not salads, they are booby-traps unless you stick with some basic ingredients. The meat, the cheese, the lettuce, tomato, onion... and hold the rest. A little salsa if it's freshly prepared.

Whole foods are wonderful. When you doctor them up with processed foods, you are deceiving yourself.

Today for lunch I had a grilled tomato salad. Grilled tomatoes with Melted Cheese.
For dessert (yes dessert is good anytime of day) I had my latest incarnation of a homemade mounds bar. Yes I made it myself. From scratch. Followed by a few strawberries. Made by mother nature herself. There's a pattern here if you can see it. Nothing came out of a box and there's nothing that I need to excuse away. Eating healthy is way easier than you think, just don't be fooled by labels. Noting that menus are nothing more than a list of labels and sometimes a salad is way more than just a salad.

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