And it's back to politics and feeding the soul. And the hungry.

For those who stop by my blog to feed their bellies... today it's about feeding your soul. So if your soul is well nourished... don't keep reading. I'm on a rant today. And if you find something that offends you, so be it. This is my space. My blog. And my rant.

You might try to ignore what the politicians in DC are doing. It might seem to be the same old stuff. Fighting a battle that only exists in their minds. Derived from their quest for control and power.

Let's keep things simple. The job of our government, as laid out by our founding fathers, is relatively simple. Provide infrastructure and security to ensure the welfare of our citizens. 

Let's define welfare. Well-being. You know, a population that has the basic tools for a decent life. Food. Education. Opportunity. The right to live a decent, whole life. The ability to call a doctor if you need to. And the chance to share in the miracles of modern science such as a vaccine that can keep you in good health. 

Starts with food and water. We're all entitled to be able to nourish ourselves. With or without money, politicians don't own the food chain. Though their campaign contributors have somehow managed to take control of it. So if you want to eat, now you have to have money. Even if you could grow your own, they'd tax you and license you and pretty much deter you in any way they could.

What did you serve your family last night?
We had some grass-fed hamburgers and Jicama Fries, followed by truly yummy Dessert Cups. Side of Tomatoes and salad. All good. All farm to table. 

I'm sure there were some political hands in there somewhere, but at least we were NOT ingesting chemicals and hormones and god knows what. Ingredients to keep us eating the same packaged foods. 
Pasta. Love the stuff. Don't know why. It has no taste. But eat it, and you want more. Except Barilla. Now Pizza, pizza I love. Not Papa Johns cardboard. Real Pizza. I just need to find a grain free crust. I'm sure it's doable. I'll get there. I'm just asking you to THINK about what you are going to eat or buy to eat. Then ask yourself, is this just a once in a while treat that you enjoy? Or do you find yourself eating out, or take out, constantly and wondering why you're broke? See I've done that. It took a concerted effort to realize I was getting fatter and unhealthier by the day.  

The thing is, when I stopped and started really looking at the food, and eliminating the processed and the grains and the starches I found something very interesting. I had enough energy at the end of a workday to cook. I am no longer too tired to cook. And the only change has been in what I eat. Try it for a little while. No more carb crashes means more energy. More activity. More fitness.

I don't buy the boxes of food anymore. Not even a chocolate bar. I buy the ingredients to make the chocolate. Sure it costs more. But then the money is going to the people in South America who grow the beans. It's going to the workers at a warehouse who pack it and send it to me. I buy grass-fed free range meats and poultry.. Dairy too. Why? Because generally they are locally raised and sold here and I know what that chicken ate. The eggs taste better. Everything tastes better. No hormones and grains to make the cow fat which in turn makes us fat. Which keeps corporate farming and ranching fat in the wallet. 

I didn't always understand this, but I do now. We now have a corporate-owned food chain. And it's killing us. Why do they do everything possible to stop us from growing food for ourselves? Because if we're busy doing that, we won't be working in their factories creating food from chemicals. We'll be healthier. Won't need as many cures, since we'll be preventing more disease. Won't need to depend on them, and their corporate welfare system designed to enslave not empower. Some of us have great companies we work for. But only some of us. Many don't. So look closely at your area employers. Are they helping or keeping everyone down? Look closely at your elected officials. The Congressional reps and Senators you sent to Washington. Who are they looking out for? You? Or them?

So back to the idiocy in DC. Now I'm not going to say the following scenario is totally accurate. Nothing is that simple. Because quite frankly some of this juvenile behavior is mere spite. But some of it is malicious. And some of it dangerous. You won't see congress sacrifice their own salaries, insurance, benefits during this moronic fight. They instead plan to hit the most vulnerable. In fact, Senator (cough) Cruz actually implied, no, he said, that Jesus was about saving himself, not healing or feeding the sick and hungry or finding work for the poor. Not being a religious sort, that offended me to my very core.

All this so to ensure we can avoid paying our debt? Maybe it's a small part of it. We give the government cash. For expediency, they use a credit card of sorts. Now they don't feel like paying the bills, and won't have what they need to move forward unless they borrow more. They don't want to borrow more. That sounds reasonable. But not paying bills with money we've already given them? And who gets hurt. The Children. The sick and disabled... those who can't work. Let's stop the freeloading they say. Food stamps? Pshaw! let them eat the cheap food like cereal and bread. Foods that corporate America processes for them. Did you know you used to be able to buy virtually any crappy processed food with food stamps? Now you're more limited, less processed, more fresh foods. Foods that will pretty much ensure they stay unhealthy are being removed from the approved list. Not good for business. Not a money-making deal. So let's quit funding that program. It's doing more good than harm! Besides, just ask Cruz. Jesus doesn't want us to help the poor. He's a SENATOR????????????? But of course he is. He's from Texas.

And we need to keeps our doctors busy. Not everyone needs affordable healthcare nor should they have it. Some of those jackasses are quite wealthy and affordable care may actually not be something they want.  They want rich man's care. So the hell with the rest of us. Especially those kids getting fat and diabetic off of their processed foods. Which will keep Doctors busy, not as busy of course as the pharmaceutical companies. But wait. Don't these nitwits REPRESENT THE REST OF US? Isn't it their job to look after the welfare of the citizenry? Of course. And they know it. But by going after those who are in most need, they can barter with the rest of us.  You see we care. They know it. We won't allow them to kill off our neighbors and make our children suffer. We'll agree to their terms. Kind of like blackmail isn't it. Put up or shut up. Get rid of affordable healthcare and we'll give back the food stamps. WHAT? AGAIN, I ASK WHAT? You're good with is? Take away healthcare and we'll feed the hungry. Yeah, it's that simple.

Am I the only one that sees pure evil intent here? Why don't we go back to the old workhouse system? Even that costs money. What happens if we take away that lifeline for our most vulnerable? They die. Yes. They die. If they survive, it's through their own sheer ability to beat the system and most likely, LCS. What's LCS? Lie, cheat, steal. It's what populations around the world struggle with when governments fail to provide basic needs. America was built on that principle, right? The old British class system? Bring it on back they say. Who says? The Redcoats people. The Redcoats are coming. Nay, they're here. They use their privilege and faux-education to convince the masses that the government is stealing from them. Take it back they say. Take your liberty back. And so the uneducated (thanks to Red education) vote these morons into office, and yes, they get their liberty back. All strings are cut. No lifelines. No safety nets. And they get swallowed up by the big red sinkhole. Once they are gone, both literally and physically, their properties are taken back by the redcoats. Neighborhoods are overtaken by investors who gentrify them and make them their own. Removing the blight. And those who are left are pushed out further to the brinks of society. Where we don't have to look.

All because of some simple basic rules. The founding fathers were dedicated to one principle. That all citizens had a chance at a good life, a fair life, and equity in their communities. They fought the Redcoats, the Royalists, who wanted to structure the "new" world as a mirror of their own. Class rules. Education for the wealthy and Landed Gentry only. Keep the huddled masses right in their place. 

Folks, we won. We being the patriots. And right now our experiment in Democracy is falling prey to the Red Rebellion. Take it back people. We hired em we can fire em. They are really bad employees and aren't meeting the public's mission. Make sure your children have a healthy, productive life. Don't let corporate America define what that their lives should be about. It's your world too. You may not be able to battle this alone, but you've got 150 million by your side. Rise up and be counted.

Start small. One step at a time. Every decision you make, consider who benefits. From where you shop to what you eat. And then, when it's time to vote, your vote will have a hell of a lot more impact.

Enough for now. You get the point. If you've read this far, hopefully, you get it.

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