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DISCLAIMER: I'm no political scientist. Nor do I profess to know a damn thing about the inner sactum of our Government. I am however, opinionated, liberal and have no shortage of things to say. So before reading my blog, here's a primer. No explanations, just my short to the point here's what you'll find inside information.

On Guns: I don't have one. I don't want one. I am well aware guns don't kill. People with guns kill.

On Abortion. If you are male... none of your business. If you are female, make your own decision. You stay out of mine and I'll stay out of yours.

On Welfare: Anyone who thinks it's OK for America to let it's own people starve to death should be forced to live without an income or any means of support for 3 months. Then we'll talk.

On Education: As long as the rich can prevent the poor from finding out how they got there... the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor. Education is the secret to success that needs to be told.

On pay equity: Women get paid less. And that's just plain wrong.

On freedom of speech: I love it. I cherish it. But freedom of speech is not freedom to hate, or hurt others with malice and evil in your heart. So if you have something of little importance to say that will only serve to injure others... shut the hell up.

On Discrimination: Ever hear someone try to explain it in historical terms? i.e, "it's the environment I was raised in." Cut the crap. It isn't ok now, and it never was ok in any way shape or form. It was wrong 2,000 years ago and it's wrong now. If you see it, call it out.

yeah... there's more... just not today.

Here we go... on food which is of course my latest obsession:
If you knew a 6 year old was working 15 hours a day to provide you with that candy bar, would you still crave it? Learn to make your own using fair trade ingredients. Not hard people. Not hard.


  1. You astound me, as always. Looks nummy, is there something other than coconut that you could use?


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