and so it tumbles

Went back to New York today. Not literally of course, but in my virtual relocation tour. Seems prices are tumbling there. Not taxes, but prices. Found some incredible bargains which I naturally can't take advantage of since no one wants to buy our own house here in the lovely desert paradise we like to call home. No wait. That's wrong. We DON'T like to call home. We don't want to be here at all.

It's really not that no one will buy our home. They just want to wait till we get so desperate we give it away. And that time will probably come sooner rather than later. But we're hanging on out of spite. Or stupidity. What difference does it really make. There are times when I actually relax long enough to look around and really enjoy a few moments in this house. Comfortably situated in the living room, the two-story ceiling with the high windows letting in tons of light. And the sparkle of the pool out back and the Palms blowing in the breeze. The way the white puffs of cloud drift over the rocky mountainside. It can be downright stunning. And then I remember where I live, and who's in charge, and why it's just not a pleasant place for anyone left of center anymore. And I remember how badly I need to get out of here.

I know there's a buyer for my house out there. Every day on the news I'm exposed to thousands upon thousands of lunatics who would love to live here and fight the good fight on the border. I saw one being interviewed at Beckapalooza. He said now he understood how the Indians felt when the White man took his land. Excuse me, sir, but you ARE the white man. Actually, he'll probably come back with the latest in empathy lines: "my great great great great grandma was part cherokee ya know. " It's the latest thing. In order to establish credibility and take the edge off any racist remarks the talking heads now blanket everything with some sort of basic right to make the remark. Which leads the general public to believe that if they just follow their lead, you might make sense of the nonsense they are spewing.

Contestant after losing on a TV dance show:
"Of course they have more natural rythym than we do. And I can say that because my 5th great uncle's stepson on my godfather's sister's side of the family was the 10th great grandson of a Venezuelan who's mother married an Indonesian man of color."

After being arrested on felony weapons charges when found with 165 unlicensed firearms:
"We aren't forming some sort of crazy militia that's going to hide up there in the mountains till doomsday. We're just hunting enthusiasts who share a love of good camouflage clothing, guns, and survivalist techniques for when the russian commies rise up against us and they start outlawing the bible which you would know if you read Byzantium 101 Psalm 5245 will happen when the natural cycle of the moon is interrupted by the  dangerous experiments that the climate warming conspiracy theorists are conducting in secret in Omaha."

After being arrested for DUI:
"I don't see anyone being arrested for driving under the influence of an Energy Drink? You do realize that the incredible amount of sugar in those drinks produces a rush not unlike that of adrenaline in large doses which is far more lethal on the mental state of anyone under 30 than a mere gallon of Vodka. And yet you handcuff me as if I'm the criminal!"

Oh yeah. With liberty and hypocrisy  for all.

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