Anywhere but here, the virtual relocation

I know what everyone thinks. That my intense desire to get out of Arizona is a little extreme. It's not. I just cannot stand one more day of the heat. Literally and figuratively. I used to tolerate the triple digit summers because the rest of the year it is beautiful here. But combine the unbearable heat with unbearable attitudes and it becomes your worst nightmare. Those of you who have ever lived in the city during a heat wave can relate to the way tensions soar. That's what we have here now. Tensions soaring in the heat of intolerance and abuse of power.

I am thinking the root of the new evil is in the water, particularly in Phoenix.
Have you seen this? History repeats itself. Ben Quayle, son of the notorious foot-in-mouth Dan Quayle.
This from a "Conservative" who several years ago wrote a blog under a pseudonym. Check it out (adults only please.)

Add to this a Sheriff running campaign ads when he's not up for election, a governor who is dismantling our state's economy on an hourly basis and two senators who are going to solve our border problems with a "Danged" Fence.

But I digress. This is about my virtual relocation. I am having a blast locating the perfect place to move. All online. I haven't found it yet, but am getting close. My friend says I'm looking for a Norman Rockwell town and to give it up. I probably am. I want to stroll down the main street on a summer night with my family and stop and have an ice cream cone and sit on a park bench...overlooking the water....with a cool bug-free breeze. I want all kinds of people to be milling about. Different colors, languages...attire. I want good schools and opportunity for my kids. I want safety and security. I want honesty in local government.

So that's what I want. What I need? Tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor for my husband and daughters. The former for income, the latter for enjoyment. I need a home that's affordable with property taxes that won't force us to live in a shack. I need quality medical care. I need tolerance. I will not move to another community where hatred and bigotry is acceptable.

So in the days to follow I will tell you about the places I've found. And maybe some of you can make some suggestions. I'm all ears on this one.

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