Maybe a little to the south...

So my mother in her usual way has me second guessing my decision to retire to the wonderful Maine Coastline. Regaling me with stories of my Great Aunt and her neighbors and how the long cold winters created a not-so wholesome environment. OK. I get it.

So I mosied on further south with google at my side to Northeastern Massachusetts. I knew there was little I could afford, but the schools are good and with family and friends around, maybe it could work. Found an awesome townhome in Acton, where Tennis is abundant, both indoors and out. But there's always a catch. My cousin said the high school was phenomenal, tops in the country, but very competitive and I might not like the company in the area. Too many over-achieving high-brow noses-in-the-air types. So I shrugged my shoulders and figured, no way. Turns out they aren't on anyone's top high school list after all. must be an error. Or good publicity stunt by the community.

I made a few more stops on the coast, Swampscott, Newburyport, some others, but my good friend warned me as nice as they can appear, when it rains it pours and floods. Not dealing with that. Anyone who's ever had water in a basement will tell you move to higher ground. But the towns sure looked appealing. Newburyport seems wonderful. Norman Rockwell would have been in awe. OK, a bit touristy, but what is wrong with living in a touristy area? I do it now.

Tucson is nothing but people from somewhere else. Take last night. coming out of the high school open house. Everyone knows the rules. When exiting the parking lot, if you were lucky enough to get a spot, you alternate pulling out. It's a courtesy thing. You let the car coming from the other side go, then you go, and so on. Except for the big-ass truck from Texas who DID NOT LET US GO. Damn Texans. First they load up a bus full of shoppers to Buy stuff here to counter the boycotts. Then they move here and act like they own the place. Well, maybe they do. Come to think of it there were tons of out-of-state plates in the parking lot. Newbies. And not one bought our house? What's that about? I don't like them already. We even saw a couple that looked at our house not but a few weeks ago. From Iowa. Obviously they have chosen this neighborhood and enrolled their kid at school. So where are they living? Don't they need a house? Hmmmm? Or did they snub ours for something more elaborate. Maybe with an elevator.

Sorry, off the beaten path again. Maybe that's where I need to go next. Or not. Still looking for ideas people, doesn't anyone love where they live so much they want to recommend it?

Recap (read prior posts for more details):

Destination #1: New York: Hudson Valley area or Eastern North Shore of the Island. Maybe Catskills. Maybe none of the above since you pay as much in taxes as you do for the house. But excellent educational opportunities for Melissa. Close to the City. And Close to my oldest friend. That's some powerful motivation.

Destination #2: we've got Bethany Beach, Delaware. Tons of tennis, affordable homes, milder climate, on the ocean, great boardwalk town and taxes so low you can pay with your kids' allowance money. On the flip side, schools not so hot and miles from anywhere. And if you've been following along, you know we are moving primarily for the school situation. Then again, we're in Arizona. Any school is better than here.

Destination #3: Biddeford Maine. Several tennis centers within a short drive, and public outdoor courts all over the place. Affordable homes. Reasonable taxes. Nice town. Easy drives to Boston and family and friends...and more importantly, easy drive to see Emily in Vermont. Schools are OK. A little on the cold side. Ok. Really cold in the winter. We don't have any warm clothes. Do flip flops freeze in the winter?

Destination #4: Massachusetts. My Doctor calls it Taxachusetts. He's got a point. I do love Boston but perhaps only to visit. Kind of like the Berkshires. Tanglewood is fabulous, but not in the dead of winter.

More to come. I can keep this up till someone buys this damn house.

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