Goodbye Arizona Part I

No, we haven't sold our house. People come. The look. They ooh and aah and say wow what a beautiful home. We say thank you. They leave. The process repeats itself over and over. They say there are only two factors. Price and condition. Well, we have both. Even lowest mortgage rates in decades. And yet, no bites.

So we are resigned to stay here for now. Which leaves lots of planning time. For when the big day comes and someone puts in an offer, we're on the first plane outta here to... well that's the question.

Thanks to google. I've gone exploring. And have come across quite a few places. Much of our search lies in our past though. Where we've been, what we've liked and disliked. And then of course there's the future we need to worry about. Two more years of high school for our youngest, and 3 more years of college for the oldest. Let's start there. She's back east. In Vermont. As close to perfect a locale as you can get, at least in my book. So we looked there first.
Strike one. Not enough indoor tennis.
Strike two. See Strike One.
No need for Strike Three.

For those who don't know, Doug's a Tennis Pro and the girls grew up using rackets as extensions of their arms.

So next stop, New York. Big State. And huge choices for college with in-state tuition. So first things first, we looked for Tennis. Found lots of it. In fact found some beautiful areas in and around Woodstock. Now that had an appeal. We loved the setting. Woodsy. My oldest and dearest friend lived nearby. (I tried her town first, but can't afford more than an RV spot there.) Woodstock is eclectic and funky. Great for my daughter. Fabulous high school. Again, nothing but good stuff. Housing prices were reasonable but a little high, and property taxes are so high we'd have to downsize a bit not only literally, but in our standard of living too.

So, we set down a list of must haves.
1. Garage. none of this parking on the lawn crap. And since we want a climate with some snow, it becomes even more essential. And we're talking about a garage with an opener here, not the kind that requires midget Mary to get out and pull open doors that creak and blow back and smack you in the ass.
2. Fireplace. It's a must have. We have one here in the desert, and since my first three houses didn't have one, and now I do, I'm not giving it up.
3. Screened in porch or 4 season room. I admit it. I'm spoiled rotten from this climate. We can barbecue all year, and never ever use bug spray. I will NOT sit outside smacking myself silly to eat a burger. It's unAmerican.
4. 2.5 bathrooms. I will not share my bathroom with teenagers. And i can't allow guests to share a bathroom with teenagers. Nuf said.
5. Depending on locale, a basement. If there is any possibility of a tornado, ANY possibility, I need a basement. Plus, the storage alone would be a slice of heaven. Here in the desert, no attics, no basements, no sheds. No storage. Hate that.
6. Central Air. No explanation needed.
7. And as for the location? Norman Rockwell sites only.

So far I've found only 2 houses that meet the criteria in the Woodstock area. So it's not looking good.

We moved onward, a little further south, a little further east, a bit closer to the River. I realized I had to have water. So 8. Must have water is added to the list.
No compromising there. And the Hudson River seemed a good choice. Cornwall on Hudson. Pretty little town. Can't afford it. But right next door is New Windsor, and there are a few homes there that fit the bill. So it's on the list. A quaint little village on the banks of the Hudson. Fabulous High School. And close to NYC. A short drive in to see what's happening! I'm liking it.
Downside? Property taxes are so high we might have to live on a houseboat.

How about a little further North...say New Paltz? again, wonderful picturesque town, short drive to NYC, fabulous school. Lot's of good stuff. Oh wait. There's those higher home prices and taxes again. But a definite possibility...if we get a good offer on our house.

Now if you go all the way up to the Finger Lakes, perhaps Skaneateles or Niles, it's a stunning place. Good schools, tennis, on the lake, gorgeous homes, taxes not so bad. Doug is a little concerned that he'll freeze his ass off up there and there's no silver lining since it's not like it's close to the City, or anything else.

And finally (I know you were all waiting on this one) there's LI. Yup. Back home. Well, not quite. Unless I wanted to just rent a park bench at the town dock, we just can't afford Port. So we headed Eastward on the map. Port Jefferson and beyond to this fabulous little town... Miller place. Is it not kismit? The houses are great, fully loaded with what we need, though again the high taxes. It's on the water, and the high school is wonderful. Next door is Sound Beach and Rocky Point, again, both good choices. Port Jeff is a great harbor town for my Rockwell weekends. But again, it's going to come down to whether we can find just the right place at just the right price. And do we have any friends there?????

Now, all this is based on virtual visitations and epodunk. So anyone who's ever lived or visited any of these places, chime in. And stay tuned for the next stop on our tour.

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