What's for dinner

It starts midday.
Hubby: so..what's for dinner?
Moi: dunno
Daughter: so...what's for dinner?
Moi: dunno

And so it goes. 10 minutes later. "What's for dinner?" "Dunno" "We going out?" "Dunno" "Well if we go out where are we going? "Dunno".

All this is typically followed by a series of unanswerable questions.
From Downstairs....Hey Mom? What's this in the Fridge? Dunno
From the chair next to me: "What's wrong with this computer?" Dunno
From my mother on the phone: "Are you going out anytime soon?" Dunno
From my boss on the phone: "What are you doing?" Dunno (good thing he has a sense of humor)
And, no matter how many times I say "Dunno" they keep asking.

Is there a tatoo on my forehead that says ask.com? It's as if by the sheer nature of my role in life as a wife and mother and working woman I have suddenly earned honorary degrees in everything. Yep, everything.
My daughter from school, 2,000 miles away... "mom? the internet is broken!" Good thing I have that Computer Engineering degree.
My other daughter. "Hey Mom? How do you solve k*Q1Q2 over r squared."
Handy to have majored in Applied Physics.
or my favorite..."Honey? How do you put the blanket back in the doo-vette cover thingy?"
"Well, the buttons aren't working..."
Thank god for Home Economics.

Back to dinner. Eventually, I am so tired of the question, I give up and say, yeah, we'll go out. And it starts all over again. "So, where are we going for dinner?" "Dunno" "So what do you want to go eat for dinner?" "Dunno" This keeps up literally until we're in the car, out of the driveway and halfway to our unknown destination. The conversation only changing every so often when I interrupt my husband to remind him that hands-free does not mean steering with your knees so you can use the phone. Or that if you can read the magazine laying on the backseat of the car in front of you, you're too close. And as much as he enjoys the annoying driver game (you know, where you keep pace with the annoying driver so they can't pass or change lanes?) the annoying driver might just have an AK47 in the back of his pickup.

Here's the thing. I don't have all the answers. I don't have even a fraction of the answers. I say Dunno so often it's basically an involuntary spasm, like a hiccup.

So what's for dinner? Hell if I know. So why do they keep asking?

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