Day one

So if you're here, you have some minimal interest in what I have to say. Fine. Today is simply the first day of my blog. I don't have anything earth shattering to report and most of you will have no interest in it if I did.

So here it is. It's Saturday. My husband, daughter and I will go to a movie. Sounds routine. Last time we tried to do this we had it all planned. Bought tickets online. Got as far as the theatre. No seats. So we learn that now they overbook movies online just like planes. If we went to the movies often, we'd have known this. We don't. Family time in our house is all of us on the computer at one time playing incredibly stupid games and trying top the leaderboard. At least we're doing something together. So now we are off for another try at the movies. Same movie. Only this time armed with special raincheck passes. Good for any show, any time. So I suppose it's a bargain considering we paid for the matinee.

In the end, the importance of all this is that we can go to the movies. We don't live in Haiti. We have food, shelter, power, water and yes, movies. I will admit all the hype about the Golden Globes made me a little sick last week. Not that I normally watch them or care. I don't. But the idea that while millions in Haiti are suffering, American media was discussing who wore it best? Who cares. The question should be how does one don a thousand dollar gown and look in the camera and say, "I wish I could do more for those poor people," then smile real big with those pearly white veneers, give a little wave, and continue on down that red carpet?

Yet, we'll still go to the movies today and for a little while lose ourselves in a fantasy world. We need to. Because without that great escape, our hearts would permanently break.

Finally, kudos to George Clooney. I was all ready to completely bash his telethon efforts citing the age old complaint that the celebrities come only to get their 60 seconds in the limelight and boost their image. Cause this time, unless you already knew who they were, you weren't going to find out. No introductions. No names flashing on the screen. No limelight to promote their current project. Refreshing. I can't say I was moved to donate money. I did that on day one. But I did want to bring every one of those little babies who lost their mamas and papas home to my house. Reality bites. I can't.

So it's off to Sherlock Holmes. An imaginary world where bad things happen and good people fix them. Wish that were the real world.

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