What's in a hairdo?

Well, if you're Sarah Palin, everything. It isn't hard to notice the similarities between her new "do" and those worn by the March Girls in Little Women. Or the biographical characters of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie. Post-Civil War era locks and all, she's taking Fox News by storm. But is there something deeper going on here. Is Sarah Palin hoping for a 21st Century Civil War that, in the end, will have her rising from the ashes once again like dear Scarlett?

You have to wonder. She was quoted as saying, and I'm paraphrasing here, she's "glad to be back in the news cycle again." Well, if that's all she's aiming for I'm ok with that. I won't watch. Plenty of World Champion Poker to be seen.

But what if she truly is aiming higher. It's really a frightening thought. Here's a woman who can't name even one of the Founding Fathers, without a significant 2 minute prompt by her equally savvy interviewer, the nonsensical Glenn Beck. While the original clip is funny, Jimmy Kimmel's take... much funnier. Or scarier.


But back to the hair. For centuries, hair as been a symbolic tool in the human arsenal. Every style has had meaning, in some way. It speaks out on our individuality. Or conformity. It relays our mood. Invokes everything from "I feel Pretty" to "f*** off" without saying a word.

So what does Sarah's new do tell us. Is she longing to be in the White House of yesteryear, alongside Abe Lincoln and the Real Republicans? Take Mary Todd Lincoln's place in history? Not a bad idea. Can we send her back? Do you think she knows Mary was a bit unstable? Nah. Too easy. On the other hand, perhaps she wants to ressurrect the politics of the Civil War. Bring back the divisiveness that was the darkest moment in our history. But then she did tell Oprah she was trying to look like her. Is anyone else uncomfortable with that?

Or better yet, maybe she's looking to travel back in time even further. Back to the time of our Founding Fathers. Lead the great revolt. Be our beacon of light, just like, oh, you know, what's his name? That guy that helped write that paper that set us free? Oh, come on, you know who I'm talking about! Jefferson. George Jefferson. Yeah, that's it.
Sarah Palin is Movin on Up.

It's all a bit silly really. This fuss over a hairdo. Then again, maybe not so silly. Can anyone visualize George Washington without his wig? Or Ben without his baldspot? Jefferson (That's Thomas) without his ponytail?

I thought not. Good news is, they've got some darn good stylists up there in Wasilla. And by gosh, Sarah does look more like Oprah.

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