Sunday Sunday

For some, Sundays are a day of rest. Not so for us Millers. It's Family Fun Day!

First, a quick stop at the park to say hi to a friend walking her dogs, where we somehow ended up on an hour long impromptu hike with her. Hmmm. Well, it was a beautiful day, so no harm done there. It was early yet, so plenty of time yet for more family fun.

We went furniture shopping. Always a blast. Desk shopping to be specific. When we moved into our home, 2 years ago, I had high hopes for my home office. Still do. And at some point, I'll get there. A desk is a good start. I just haven't found the right one. Actually, I found several. But my husband said he didn't want to put anything together. And I wanted it made here in the US. And it had to be delivered. And decent quality. And we are 2 years later, no desk.

So then I found the perfect solution. Penney's has a kind of build-it-yourself modular desk system. Lookin' good here I thought. Found it online. So we have Penney's Home Store nearby, where they have all the home stuff like furniture and appliances. So we went there today. Just to get a good look before we made our choices online. We go in the store. We walk right by the salesman. Well I did, and my daughter did. The salesman must not have seen us due to the height issue. He had it, we didn't. Anyway. The Salesman asks my husband (who does have it) "Can I help you find something?" and my husband responds by pointing at me, as if saying "do something about her, would ya?". Waste of time, of course, he's kind of stuck with me. Done deal.

I told the salesman I'd like to see the office furniture, desks in particular. "Don't have those here," he said. "You should go to a furniture store." Now, I'm looking around at all this furniture, mentally scratching my head and trying to understand. "You mean you don't have any samples here?" "Nope, fraid not," he says. "You really ought to try like a regular furniture store...where they sell that stuff."

So this is a guy who obviously was not cut out to sell furniture. Or anything else I suspect. And yet, somehow, he's working at a Home Furnishings Store. I'm thinking he probably should be working at Ace... they are always so helpful there. And that's just what this guy was. After all his advice was pretty good. The more I think about it, maybe it was one of the Candid Camera things...maybe he didn't really work that all and he was just messing with us.

But we did take his advice. We did go look for a furniture store, and came across The Furniture Circus.  I have to say it was a bit unnerving with all the clowns painted on the windows. But since we'd just been politely evicted from one of the most iconic home furnishing stores in America, a few clowns weren't going to deter me. And much to our delight, we found the perfect desk set. Right size, right style, right color, fully assembled and they deliver. But best of all, the natural-born salesman pointed out, right label. Made in the USA. Right in Arizona.

So all in all, a productive day. Maybe not so much for the Penney's guy...he probably didn't sell too much. But for me, a banner Sunday!

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