What's good for your favorite blogger may not be good for you.

Everyone has their favorite foodie blog to tell them what to eat and how to eat it. I've got one of my own that I write... does that make me right? Maybe. Maybe not. Here's the key. Don't just assume that because someone says it's fabulously nutritious and prevents every ailment in the modern world... well.. that it's true for you. 

Take Kale. Nutritious? Probably. So are most plants to someone. For me, since it can promote blood clots, really bad idea to eat it. And stomach issues. If you're prone to any gastric issues... don't eat it. Oh wait... but it prevents cancer! Cancer won't kill you if you're already dead of a heart attack. In other words, not all super foods are super for everyone. And everything in moderation. 

If you can tolerate Kale, great. Have it a few times a week at most. Not all day every day. Nothing is good for you in high doses, and the more nutrients a food packs, the less you need to eat of it. This isn't something that requires a degree in nutrition or science. This is simple math.

And the reality is, sometimes it's not what you eat, it's what you don't eat. Listening to people go on and on about how I should eat Broccoli and Cauliflower makes me nuts. I don't like it. I don't want it. I don't eat it. George Bush, Senior, is 89 years old. He doesn't eat Broccoli either. So I don't tell people what to eat. I tell them what I eat and what I don't eat. I suggest things to try... but if you don't want them who cares. Eat something else. 

What worries me is the more I hear people going on nutty freakish food regimens that focus on eating an abundance of anything... I worry. It isn't the specific food, it's how the food got to your table, and whether it's suitable for digestion. 

So when I say try to use organic foods, avoid grains, and limit sugar carbs... that's just a guideline. Me, I love to eat sweet foods. I love to bake. I can't have sugar. So my recipes are basically free of grains and gluten and sugar. But yours don't have to be. You can eat whatever you want. I'm just sayin... my philosophy on food is don't eat foods that don't agree with you. Your body is your best signal. If you've been eating whole grains and want to lose weight, and can't... try not eating them. Eat something else. If you've been drinking Kale shakes and feel fabulous, then keep on drinking them. As long as you aren't worried about blood clots. If you love salty foods and don't have high blood pressure, keep on salting. 

Most importantly, decide what you are trying to do. Is this about your health? Living forever? Or do you have real food issues to solve. Reducing inflammation or chronic pain. Achieving a healthy weight (for you, not a magazine cover) or perhaps increasing your energy levels or easing insomnia. The idea that some guy lifting weights in his basement in New Jersey has solved the age-old question of how to have the perfect diet is ridiculous. If it works for you, it's perfect for you. That's it. I'm only here to provide some help along the way from my own experience. Even if I say "you must try this" remember I'm not being literal. I'm just sayin. You have to eat everyday. So enjoy what you eat, so you can enjoy your day, week, month, life. Telling someone to eat something horrid is pretty much like saying, have a miserable life. 

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