SNAP decisions that come back to haunt

A few facts about SNAP. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program. The Federal program that ensures "the welfare of the citizens" as instructed by our cherished constitution. 

Friday they cut 5 billion dollars from that program. Let's count shall we? That's about $10 per person in the program receiving aid. Which they spend on food, which translates into $17 per person reinvested in the economy. 5 Billion cut has now reduced the circulatory impact of each dollar by the original 5 billion, plus the 8.5 billion recirculated into the economy. Remember our economy is based on a full impact in a healthy market where 1 dollar translates into 7. Using that model, a 5 billion cut in SNAP dollars is actually 40 Billion impact on the economy. 

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Bad idea. But that's just money people. 

Now, try to feed your family on $1.40 per meal. A healthy meal. One that won't encourage medical issues or childhood obesity. Yeah, good luck with that. 

SNAP is not handing out cash to panhandlers it is finding a way to feed those who most need it. If you elect officials who believe that cutting SNAP is a first step towards a healthier economy, you need to wisen up. No scratch that. You need to dig a little deeper into your soul and find that place that makes this OK. 

When you drive your Escalade/Lexus/Acura up to the front of the elementary school and see the little children thin as rails being pulled along reluctantly because they don't have the energy that your healthy, well-nourished child has and you think, oh, that poor child. What kind of parents must they be? It's time for you to rethink who you are in this great big world. Those are the parents who know what it's like to put everything they have into their children. Everything. 

Have you ever been in line at a checkout when someone using food stamps goes over? And they scramble to find just a few more dollars so nothing has to get put back? I have. And I can safely say that only once or twice have I had to tell the checker to just put the rest on mine. Usually it's the checker who does it. I deliberately shop at markets where that happens. If it doesn't, I don't go back.

What do you do? Really? I know some of you are out there at the food banks volunteering to make this right. Others volunteer over the holidays at the Thanksgiving charity dinner. But what are you doing every day? Do you realize that just doing what millions of others do... speaking up... has a profound impact. The only thing a politician hears are the sounds of their campaign coffers and the roar of bad press. So silence those coffers and put everything you have into making your voice heard. Right now. 

A few ideas. 
If your grocery isn't requesting donations for the food bank... suggest it to the manager. Today.
If you see someone struggling to get through that checkout line? Tell the checker to ring it on yours, and tell customer... hey... next time you can get my back. 
If you know there a families at your child's school in terrible need, don't give them your scorn, give them your help. 

Right now there are 47 million people who need our help. In other words, someone in your neighborhood needs yours.

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