Short people got.... ingenuity

I know some of you are starting to wonder why it is that my photos are all taken before I remove my oh so deliciously tempting cuisine from the oven. Why don't I do what normal people do? Spend a few hours plating it all up and pretending I'm a real foodie blogger. Create atmosphere. Lighting. Buy a real camera. Get a tripod. Be professional.

Perhaps I do it this way because things that rise so beautifully tend to fall when they hit the cool air. Or because they look so much prettier on the rack. Or maybe my food is just so darn fabulous it doesn't make it to the table. Um no.

It's because once removed from the oven, they are placed on a cooling rack on the counter which is normal people height not short people height. Now try to take photo of something from above when it's in your face not at your fingertips.

Really. I either have to ask for help from hubby, which is like admitting some sort of huge defeat in my book, not to mention the extreme laughter that would erupt... or I'd have to get a ladder from the garage. Yeah we're skipping right over that stepstool. Though the stepstool is handy when hubby puts my mixing bowls on the third shelf. We have those fabulous 42" cabinets in the kitchen all the TV reality flip flop first time auctioneer property feuding personalities rave about. I would prefer the 12". Ok. Go ahead and laugh. Now get over it.

Back to the food. I know that's why you're here. Blueberry muffins sans the grain and double the blue. Yum. For those who can have sugar, these would be good with a nice crumble on top, but I can't so I didn't. 
Did I mention these are sugar free? I know, I know. Removing sugar takes all the fun out of it. So if sugar or carbs aren't an issue for you, use honey or maple, or any natural sweetener you want.

This time I added a special new ingredient. Xanthan gum. I thought it was some chemical to avoid, but I have since learned just be careful where you get it. There are different types made different ways. Make sure it's gluten free. It just keeps the muffins from breaking apart. Gluten free foods tend to do that. I probably won't use it often. But in a pinch...

The key is this. Whatever your recipe... you can convert just a few ingredients and eat a much healthier muffin. Or cake. Or whatever you crave. Though when you lose the grain you apparently are supposed to lose the craving as well. Pavlov has something to say on that subject I'm sure. It worked for the bread. But my brain is hard-wired on chocolate. There are no exceptions, exclusions or waivers. I've heard people talk about carob. Oh what a wonderful substitute. yeah, um, no. Chocolate. The good stuff. Creamy. Dark. Delicious. Irreplaceable.

And of course credit where it's due, here's the recipe I use from I am working on my own, but keep in mind I am not a baker. Or a chef. Or even a wannabe. I'm a lot of other things.. just not a pro in the kitchen. So this blog is for those of you who need easy, simple, delicious ways to eat a healthier diet. That's all.

All I can say is a good blueberry muffin beats a bowl of cheerios any day. And as always, your comments are welcome and suggestions needed.

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