How to eat pancakes and lose weight

Make your pancakes and eat them too? Without wearing them on your thighs? Seriously. No, there's no magic pill or hours in the gym required. You just need a really good friend like moi to go out and hunt down recipes and try them until the right one comes along. And because I do NOT believe in stealing from others... I will always tell you where to find the original (please click on it and show him support). It's a fabulous blog, called thewannabechef by someone much younger and wiser than me LOL.

Sure, I always tamper with recipes. In this case, I went sugar free using Truvia (stevia) instead of sugar. But how simple this was is ridiculous.

And I need some ridiculously easy delicious food if I'm going to stick with this new healthy eating thing. Let's be clear. In our home, healthy eating does NOT mean weird grains sprouting horns out of your food or getting a house charge account at GNC.

What it means is eating non-processed foods, and eliminating foods we probably never should have eaten to begin with. Like Wheat. Corn. Oats. Grains.. grains are just not healthy. Don't confuse the seeds they decorate the whole grain bread with for healthy. The seeds are healthy. But the flour they use to make it palatable is not. So off we go hunting for non-rabbit foods. I was concerned about hubby's ears growing. And the fact that I refuse to eat Fungus. or Fungi. eeew. Sorry, no fun in that.

Yeah, go ahead. Say it. That was the worst pun ever. So what. The pancakes were the best.
Got 5 minutes? Good. Grab a bowl, a whisk and a few ingredients. Meanwhile, back at the stove, heat some butter or healthy oil.

Here's the list (makes 4 pancakes, which is 2 servings for normal people):
1/2 cup of Garbanzo (chickpea) Bean Flour.
1/4 teaspoon baking soda.
1 egg.
1 heaping tablespoon sugar or preferred sweetener (granular not liquid)
1/3 cup water.

Put it all in the bowl. Whisk it till smooth. Now, make your pancakes. Just like you would if you'd bought yourself that fancy pre-made mix. About 1/4 cup of batter per pancake. Let the sides set and bubbles appear. Flip. Keep cooking and flipping about 30 seconds until they are nicely browned. Don't make them thick... think thin. They'll puff up and be beautiful.

Now if you're freaking out about the flour... keep in mind it's like 2 bucks at your local organics healthy food store. Makes great hummus too.

Serve them with fresh fruit on top or your favorite syrup. These are grain free, low carb (if you don't use sugar), high protein and soooo delicious.

So now you know. You can go grain free, gluten free and still have a stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning. Guilt free.

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