Condoms. Boy Toys. By prescription only.

Romney wants to change things from day 1. The hell with moving forward, let's move backwards instead. Planned Parenthood? Gone. Obamacare? Gone. Birth Control Access for all women? Gone.

Ok, turnabout is fairplay in this new alpha male world. So if an employer decides birth control is not in the best interests of an employee, will they also disallow the use of condoms by employees? After all, the money used to buy them will come out of their pay, so technically the company is buying them. Now we know that won't happen. But what if? Maybe we should make condoms by prescription only.
I mean really it's one thing to take access to birth control away from the women, who as we all know really shouldn't be making these decisions behind their mens' backs anyway... but what if we took access, and therefore the decisions, away from the men. The government should be making these decisions. Because Big Brother knows best. I know, you're thinking no no no, that would be socialism... you know, the domain of the Democrats. But yes yes yes, that is what it sounds like.
Seems our parties have their platforms all mixed up.

Picture it.
There will be some benefits for women. Men can't just screw as many women as they want... they really don't want all those kids. Hell they've been forcing women to take that responsibility for decades. Not to mention the exposure to diseases and all kinds of nasty things that arise without protection. And  the lack of healthcare and free clinics and such under Romneycare would just make it that much scarier.

No more steaming up those car windows in the back of dodge. Not without your employer's permission. Hey boss, can I nail your daughter? Not likely to hold on to that job. Though not to worry, because there won't be that many jobs.

Population explosion? Yep.
Increases in STD's? Yep.
Increases in Abortion? Yep... back alley of course.
Increases in mortality of women in child-bearing years? Yep.
Increase in joblessness? Yep.
Increase in poverty? Yep

Will this help our economy, our society or our children at all? Nope. It's just some insane fantasy world I'm concocting and it would never happen anyway. Just the idea of having control over men's sexual behavior... has possibilities doesn't it? Anyone see this movie? A little table turning? Obviously it has a certain appeal.. so go ahead, enjoy the clip.

But wait. Back to reality. It's not insane to restrict access for women's birth control? Hmm. Let's see if the results are any different if we let the boys have their toys but make the girls do without.

Population explosion? Yep. Men hate condoms anyway.
Increases in STD's? Yep. Men hate condoms anyway and those pesky free clinics are gone.
Increases in Abortion? Yep... Men hate condoms anyway.. but back alley of course.
Increases in mortality of women in child-bearing years? Yep. No safe abortions, no prevention of ectopic and hi risk pregnancies... and yeah... those pesky free clinics are gone.
Increase in joblessness? Yep. Goes without saying.
Increase in poverty? Yep. Cause who can feed 11 kids when there are no jobs?

Will it, though, make the rich richer? No. It won't. So for all you last holdouts hoping that somehow Romneyomics will provide so many other benefits to your wallet... you really aren't that stupid are you? There is no silver lining nor is there any sound socio-economic reason for this insanity.

Now, it is possible that we might end up with lots of abstinence. It's also possible that this time next year we'll have mars colonized.

If you want to debate pro-life and pro-choice, I say go at it. But when you start removing essential government protections and programs designed to meet the most fundamental goals of our government as provided for in the Constitution... as in "insure domestic Tranquility" and "promote the general Welfare"...BACK OFF. Or we will rise up and take your toys away.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. 

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