Oh. I've Offended you again?

With Hurricane Sandy leaving devastation and heartache in it's wake, I decided to repost this. It's just as true of course, but perhaps even more so. President Obama did what a true leader does. He was decisive. He was proactive. He got the wheels spinning even before the wind started churning. He put politics aside and took care of his nation as it suffered and for that alone I would vote for him. But, it's not just about disasters. It's about everyday. Therefore the repost.

It's election season, which for me means open season on supporters of my candidates' opponents. Ok. Whatever. Republicans. There I said it. OK? I am not happy with my republican friends. We used to have mild arguments over policy and solutions. Now it's not worth the effort.

They ask me how I can vote for Obama. Um... how can they vote for Romney? See, from where I sit, there's way too much at stake. Lives. Jobs. Our Economy. Our future. My daughters. My Mother. Hell, the truth is, I'm terrified that enough uninformed sheep are out there to completely fuck up the world.

My friends are normally smart, educated, thoughtful people who somehow have entered a fantasy world where facts swim all around them but never quite sink into their closed minds.

Oh, and my apologies for the language. I don't mean to offend. Oh wait, yes I do.

When someone says something incredibly stupid, such as Americans don't die from lack of health insurance, I say, they have no business running for President. Yeah, Romney said it.

When someone says they think women's health decisions should be up to the voters, I say, they're downright dangerous. Yeah, Ryan said it.

When someone says, hey, I don't run the company, yet they actually OWN it, I say, they're misleading us. Yeah, Romney did that.

When someone says, I didn't ask for stimulus money, I was only advocating for a constituent...they're, well, misleading us again. Yeah, Ryan said that.

Right now, I'm angry. I am so very sick of the lies and absolutely outrageous remarks coming from the GOP. And hearing my friends respond to my criticism with "they didn't mean it the way it sounded." Or, "your side lies too." Yeah, they stretch the truth too. But their lies are not going to do harm. Serious harm.

Huh. Maybe I just need to enroll in one of them there GOP re-education programs. I could learn how women's bodies can detect rape and prevent pregnancy. You know, if it's legitimate rape and all.

Or maybe I can take a course in revisionist economics. That's the theory that if you redistribute all the wealth back up to the upper crust where it belongs, they can dole it out appropriately. Hire servants and if they stick with the job long enough, they can see the company doctor. Oh wait, that's the industrial movement. Wait no.. Upstairs Downstairs? Nah, wrong empire. The American Empire, yes that's it. Where if you work hard long enough, you get... well... nothing. But at least you get a job. May not pay what you expect. And it may not have benefits. But of course to pay well and provide benefits kills the whole excessive profitability dream.

Remember, folks, they built it. That glorious American Empire. By themselves no less. You see the workers they hired wouldn't have had a job if they didn't hire them. Infrastructure? Well if it weren't there they simply would have gone elsewhere. Seed money? They had parents, remember? No, I guess I didn't. Wait, of course I had parents. Oh right. They weren't filthy rich. They were merely successful upper-middle class hard working people who didn't come close to having that kind of money. So basically, The American Empire is back and rearing it's ugly head. If you've got it flaunt it. If you don't, you never will.

So that pretty much sums it up.
If you don't have a trust fund, hedge fund, or a never-ending source of income you're either a fool or a gambler if you vote for Romney.
If you have daughters or granddaughters and believe it's their body, their health, their choice... and that they should get paid equal pay for equal work, how do you look them in the eye if you vote for Romney?
If you have children or siblings or parents who are serving, or may serve, or have served in the military, you're in la la land if you think Romney's got their backs.
If you work for someone else? You could be fired tomorrow. And if you vote for Romney, that would mean you could lose EVERYTHING, not just a job.
If you've ever been diagnosed with anything other than a cold, and you end up uninsured, if only for a month or so, LISTEN CAREFULLY. The Romney idea of health care insists you have 90 days of continuous coverage before you are guaranteed insurance coverage. In other words, go back to the law before Obamacare. And yes I like the term Obamacare. Why? Because. Obama. Cares. And Pre-existing conditions will not be addressed in Romneyland. He lied. Flat out LIED.

And here I will interject once more a note regarding the wrath of Sandy. Should Romney be elected, how do you think he'd handle a storm of that magnitude? Or any disaster of that magnitude. Would we still have a FEMA? Would it all be up to the States to handle? Or privatized as he would suggest? Would it be about efficiency through profiteering? Would he actually give a damn about the victims? Will he continue the efforts to reduce climate change? Will he be the leader you want at the helm of a major catastrophic event?

And for those of you of the privileged class, who find all this just a theoretical argument about small versus big government, you're obviously on some mind-altering substance and nothing anyone says will get through that purple haze anyway. But at least I feel better, and maybe now you can understand why there is so much to fear in Romneyland.

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