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For me it's quite simple. Endorsements matter. The future of this country lies in the hands of one of two potential leaders. So. Who do they get their advice from? Who will they turn to? Who thinks they've got what it takes to lead us?

Things are scary. The economy is recovering, but it's fragile. That's true. So if I could gather some of the smartest people in the world in one place and ask for help.... who would that be. And who do they recommend, or endorse, to lead the way?

Well. Here's my most admired list when it comes to the economy.

Bill Gates. His business acumen and global perspective are unsurpassed and undeniable.
Warren Buffet. Again, who among you would challenge him in the corporate arena.
Bill Clinton. Face it, the guy knows how to move forward with globalization.
Mick Jagger. For those who are too young to realize it, he built a rock solid rock and roll empire based on talent... and a bit of education at the London School of Economics.

Coincidentally, they support Obama. And ironically, they also support women, children, education and social responsibility. And when it comes to the almighty dollar, they support that too. They know how to earn it. They know how to invest it. They know how and when to spend it. They've got plenty, and understand how important it is for us to have some too. You see they know that strong economies must be built. They aren't miraculously created by money falling from the sky. Trickle down as some call it.

Here's who Romney's got in his corner:
Rupert Murdoch. Built a journalistic empire based on the lowest possible ethical standards. Not even American, just owns a big chunk.
Donald Trump. Built a real estate empire based on the lowest possible ethical standards and liberal use of our bankruptcy courts.
Jim Walton. Took an empire his father built on American enterprise and ingenuity and outsourced it to China.
Meat Loaf. Can't even vote... or sing for that matter... nuf said on that one.

A wealthy bunch no doubt... but as contributors to our nation, well, they they don't support women, children, education or social responsibility. What they do support is the almighty dollar in THEIR pockets, not ours.

So, for those who would turn to the latter group for advice, I'm sorry for you. You are willing to give up what our parents and grandparents fought so hard to ensure we'd have. Civil rights. Educational opportunities. Reproductive rights. Equal pay. All on the off chance that Murdoch, Trump, Walton and Meat Loaf have your best interests at heart. Really? Really? I'm sorry I can't stop repeating that word. Really?

One last thought. Do you know why they call them "king-makers"? And do you know what they get in return? They get the favor of the newly crowned King. Political payback. So who do you want the administration to be in debt to?
Group 1? or Group 2?

Kind of like asking if you would rather be in debt to your best friend or a loan shark?

For those who believe the first group is probably a better bet, you know what to do.

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