Chanukkah and Christmas...Made in the USA

It's definitely that time of year. Giving. We give gifts, we give our time, we give our money, if we can. We donate toys and food. We do all those wonderful things. And then, many (myself NOT included) will head to Walmart to do their big holiday spree. On Black Friday.

I think they call it Black Friday because it's the one day of year that we completely destroy the economy. Think all that holiday spending is helping? Not if the label says made in China it doesn't.

So here's some food for thought this holiday season. Buy American. Check the labels before you hit the checkout. You can have a fabulous holiday without scouring the internet for that impossible to find, must have on every kids list.

And don't get sucked in by a gimmicky name. American Girl Dolls? Made in China. Not really American.

I know some of you think that shopping till you drop is akin to being patriotic. And it is. If you patronize local stores and buy local goods. Or if you shop at Overstock, and I do love the O, try their Main Street Revolution. Ever hear of the Vermont Teddy Bear Company? Clothing on the list? Try All American Clothing! Now I will state from the outset that I am not endorsing any of these companies, nor do I claim any measure of quality or guarantee their service. I'm just sayin...cause that's what I do, that there are so very many ways to buy American and really kick start our job market. Because if your local bakery is busy, because you chose a fresh box of pastries over frozen, then they will hire more help.

And that kid who gets those extra part time hours, well he or she may just stop and spend their money at the local bicycle shop...perhaps on an Easy Racer. Or perhaps that's the kind of bike you can place under the tree this year. Or one of the Treks still made in the USA.

Have little girls who want dolls? Reach for the Barbie and you might be surprised. Not made here. Neither is Ken. Or GI Joe. Or as mentioned earlier, American Girl.

When my girls were little, Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage. And the original Soft headed ones? Yep. Still an American original. Just don't reach for the hard plastic head ones.

Now for some good news. Lots of Little Tikes toys are still made here. So just check those labels. Need a nightly Chanukkah gift or a stocking stuffer? How about good old fashioned deck of cards. Yep. Still made right here.

So do your part this holiday season. Check those labels. Do an internet search. You can find a gift for everyone on your list that's made right here. You'll help support the economy. Prevent job loss. And feel really really good while you do it. And whether you spend a little, or spend a lot, knowing your dollars stay right here will bring enormous holiday cheer to someone, somewhere, whose job depended on it.

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