Tonight we bake

So when they are little, our children that is, it all starts with Show and Tell. Fun times. Throw a stuffed monkey in their backback and they are good to go.

Then, it's current events. And you find your latest magazine in shreds on the living room floor, and your printer is out of ink, and out of paper. But at least they are showing some enthusiasm.

Then comes Science Fair. Now if you're a techno geek, it's probably a pretty good bonding experience. If you aren't, and I'm not, it's your worst nightmare. But we survive to move on to the next wonderful scholastic experience.

Book Fair. This is the event, in my house, which requires enormous patience and a big checkbook. My daughters could spend hours and hours selecting stacks of books. Expensive books. With sequels. Nuf said.

And then it's Culture Fair. Or this year, Culture project. It doesn't matter. Because my daughters both elected to study French. And no French projecet is complete without food. What part of "I am not a French Chef" do they not understand? It started with the first one and her penchant for all things chocolate. The menu item for her and her BFF? A flourless Chocolate Torte. Naturally, my specialty. "Don't worry mom, we'll do all the work!" Yeah. Like I would let a couple of 15 year olds tear up my kitchen. Hah! I sent them to my mother's. Around the corner. Beautifully done.

After that it was downhill. And now here I am again, faced with "the project." My lovely budding  Ã©tudiante Français #2 thought Brioche sounded good. I thought it sounded like a job for Food Network so we settled on some sort of pastry. Thank god for frozen pastry puff. Whatever that is. Now if only the french pastry fairy would knock upon my door like that guy that used to do in that tv show... the one where he came and made dinner from whatever was in your pantry? Haven't seen that show in awhile. Anyway, tonight my daughter and I will bake. And hopefully she will clean. And hopefully tomorrow none of the other students will suffer for my lack of pastry experience. Or hers. Because if I remember correctly, this IS her project. And so were the others. But hey. We're parents. We can't help it. Just trying to earn those participation points so one day they can't turn on us like some sort of evil spawn and accuse us of not being involved. School projects are our road to parenting martyrdom. And it's a road well travelled.

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