Silence is Soylent

Anyone remember Soylent Green? Yeah. That's where my mind is going now. What the hell happened to America, land of bountiful harvest and innovation? I haven't been cooking too much lately, or experimenting much. Hard to afford the ingredients anymore. Organic was once a luxury, now it's a necessity. We are back to being hunters and gatherers. We have to hunt for real food. Real ingredients. And pay dearly when we find them. Just creating a simple wholesome patriotic 4th of July dessert has become all but impossible. Listen, when the label on the container of blueberries has ingredients... you're in trouble.

Feeding billions of people is hard on a planet. But when we are literally destroying our planet in the process of daily existence, it's worse. Way worse. I only mention that old 70's shtick movie because it was so incredibly far fetched at that time, and I realize, we're not far off from all that insanity now.

Humans have come a long way, made a lot of mistakes. Mostly out of making our lives easier to live. All of it. Energy consumption has destroyed our incredible planet. We figured it out of course, made some changes, some rules, guidelines to ensure our future. And then along came #45. Forget all the dictators that have come and gone before around the world. This one is different. He figured out how to dismantle a democracy, how to appeal to the weakest of human character traits and take advantage of it. While the world watches in horror, we are day by day letting our tomorrows disappear.

We can put an end to it. It's not as hard as you think. But you cannot remain silent any longer. Silence is Soylent. New slogan. Words are powerful. It was the words of one that led many astray, it will be the words of many that lead him away.... far far away. So the next time you find yourself nodding during a discussion, shrugging your shoulders and saying "hey it is what it is," remember soylent green. And try a new phrase. How about "hey, this is unacceptable, what can we do?" or call your congressional representative (yes representative, they work for you) or your senator. Then there's my personal favorite... when someone you know says "give him a chance" don't roll your eyes. Look directly at them and say "are you batshit crazy?"

Most of us all love to eat, pretty much. I'd like to continue to eat.  Real, nutritious, delicious food. So help me out here and let's save this planet from impending doom. Or worse, the coming of the Soylent Green.


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