Rich Chocolate Gluten Free Cake that's Deliciously low in carbs

Seriously. I have had some success lately with chocolate and baking and well, dessert in general. But it was really gnawing at me that if you can make a flourless chocolate cake, then a low carb one should be a natural. Right? Make that gluten free too, grain free and sugar free as well... yeah, I know what you're thinking. Same here. Just wasn't happening. Always ends up more of a torte, and often while I can devour a torte, my friends and family are a bit overwhelmed with superdark chocolate confections. I just hadn't achieved that perfect balance, until now. Per DJFoodie's recommendation, I took a recipe from Atkins... which used sucralose, then I subbed in my go-to sweetener... Swerve. The thing about Swerve is that it acts just like sugar when baking, and doesn't make your stomach feel like a soccer team has taken up habitation in your gut. Best thing? Doesn't have the glycemic spike of many artificial sweeteners. They might be calorie free, but they can still fool your body into thinking it's eating sugar. Just an FYI.

Of course I always have to put my spin on things, and some fabulous strawberry coulis was just the thing. Son-of-a-batman there it was.

I know right? Look at the top crust on this thing. The texture. The absolute it must be bad for me look of this thing. Everyone knows you taste with your eyes first. And this tastes amazing at first glance! Just fabulous. So let's break it down. Gluten free? Yep. Grain Free? Yep. Sugar Free? Yep. Low Carb? Well of course it is. Now for those who avoid eggs, I just don't know on this one if an egg substitute will work, but it couldn't hurt to try. 

First, the cake. Here's what you'll need:
6 organic brown eggs, room temperature
4 oz unsweetened chocolate (try for the Organic fair trade)
1 stick unsalted sweet butter
2 tablespoons water
3/4 cup swerve granular sweetener divided into 1/4 and 1/2 cups
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (you can also use almond or hazelnut)
2 tablespoons cocoa powder

Preheat the oven to 325 F and grease an 8" round cake pan. Lay a piece of parchment along the bottom as well for ease in removing the cake. 

Melt the butter, chocolate and water in a microwave safe bowl. I recommend using medium power, and check every minute or so and stir to avoid overheating. You can also melt in a double boiler on the stove if you prefer. Set aside and let cool. Mix in 1/4 cup of the Swerve and the vanilla to the chocolate mixture, then slowly mix in the cocoa until it is smooth and creamy. If need be, transfer batter to a larger mixing bowl to allow room to add the egg mixture.

Beat the eggs in a medium bowl for about 5 or 6 minutes until they become thick enough to form streams or ribbons when you pull the beaters away. Add the remaining 1/2 cup of swerve and mix well on medium speed. 

Add about 1/3 of the egg mixture to the chocolate batter and mix until well blended and the color is a bit lighter. Fold in the remaining egg mixture, until the batter is well blended. 

Pour batter into the cake pan, and bake for about 35 to 40 minutes until just set on top. I used a Wilton uncoated pan, so if you are using different types of bakeware it will impact the finish time! Don't overbake. Remove and let cool in pan on wire rack. 

Strawberry Coulis:
8 whole fresh strawberries, sliced up (about one cup dry measure)
2 tablespoons Swerve confectioners

Combine strawberries and Swerve in your processor... I use a magic bullet, but use what you have to puree the strawberries with the sweetener. Refrigerate the puree until ready to serve. It will thicken as it cools down.

That's it. Now grab a knife, slice yourself a bit of heaven, add a little Coulis to the plate, and a dollop of whipped cream (make your own please, no cool whip allowed) and you are all set for the most amazing gggfree experience. 

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