OMG Blondies!

Ridiculous how simple this is. No, really.
First, kudos to Megan at Detoxinista. Her fabulous recipe got me thinking anything is possible.

Of course this time of year, anything is possible. :)

So, the key to all of this is going to be the ingredients. I need to stress that. I can't vouch for what I don't use. And again, for those who do not know me, I know nothing about diet, nutrition, health other than my own personal road well travelled. Through Diabetes and Heart Disease and the FDA's goddamn food pyramid that nearly killed me.

So. Back to food. I love food. I live for food. And my kids. And my husband. Ok there's a few other good parts in here. But I do love food. Probably genetic on my Dad's side. The Hungarian-Slovak need for really deliciously rich foods.

My mom taught Piano. Therefore, my mom had piano recitals. She served food. And there were these amazing cookie bars. Blonde Brownies. They had butterscotch chips maybe? Hell I don't know. I only know they were the reason most of her pupils showed up.

And her own kids too.

So when we changed from being a low fat stupid family to a high fat healthy one, we gave up grains. Flour. Sugar. Things that help to create fabulous desserts. So we need new fabulous desserts. Some are complicated. Some not so much. If you are currently in a predicament surrounded by holiday creations that make your mouth water and your stomach suck in as you taste everything, I've got something for you.

And yes, OMG, they're Blondies. Really. I promise.

OMG Blondies!

You'll need some main ingredients you probably will have to hunt down. If you use alternates, check the labels, because these had just the right balance of salt and sweetness. The chocolate and peanut butter are very low sugar, and not refined cane sugar either. That's important. Next time I will try Almond Butter. Bet it's just as good.

1) Swerve Granular Sweetener

2) MaraNatha Organic Peanut Butter No Stir Crunchy -- 16 oz

3) Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Bar, Dark 70% Cocoa

Got them?
OK. Preheat the oven to 350F. Grease an 8" square cake pan.

1 Cup Peanut butter (organic, crunchy or creamy, your choice)
1/3 cup Swerve Granular
1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda
1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate pieces
1 Egg (organic, large please)

So, mix the Peanut Butter, Swerve and Baking Soda in a medium bowl. Just a wooden spoon will do! Add the Egg, and mix it all up till nice and creamy. Fold in your chopped chocolate pieces. Pour it into your cake pan, and spread it evenly throughout corner to corner. Bake 20 minutes. Take it out and try not to eat it until it's cool. I dare you. And try not to eat the whole thing. It makes 16 blondies.
Made with these ingredients: 92 Calories per piece, 2 grams sugar carbs, 3 total carbs per piece.

We had them for dessert last night. I had them for breakfast this morning. What? It's protein. And I'm the one with the LDL of 52.

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