Psuedo Science or Nutrition Breakthrough

Today was the notorious DDay for me. Doctor. Labs. Did my cholesterol go up? Did a high fat low carb grain free diet deliver as promised? Did it transform my metabolism? Did it become a fat burning cholesterol lowering machine? Or was I suckered by some really slick psuedo-science? 

Without further ado. drum roll please... my cholesterol has plummeted. And I do mean plummeted. 
LDL 52
Total Cholesterol: 134 Was 169
Triglycerides: 85. Was 153
HDL 65 Was 60

My weight is declining. My sugars under control. I eat Prime Rib and make my muffins with Butter. I indulge in decadent Chocolate desserts. 

I do however only use Organic foods, hormone free, and meat that is grass fed. But in 8 years I couldn't do what 4 months of clean eating has done. It's freaking amazing. And nothing like the Doctor giving you Kudos. Even wondered if I could keep doing it... "are you kidding" I asked. I eat chocolate 3 times a day. Yeah, I can do this. 

And so can you. Start simple. Take bread, or pasta... and just give it up for a week. Each week, add another item to remove. I did it cold turkey of course, but it's not for everyone. You do what works for you. 

So today it's all about numbers. And real, everyday practical science. The theory that a high fat primal diet is better has merit. For me anyway.

So have some cheesecake and raise your glass in a toast. After all, a good glass of wine is nothing more than a fermented sanitary beverage that in moderation can really improve your outlook. If not wine, a good herbal tea. Whatever you choose, remember, General Mills isn't in it for your health. Whole grains are still grains, and still end up as sugar. And the old theory that fat makes you fat... not so much people. Turns out eating fat keeps you thin. And sane.

Cheesecake. New York Style with a Twist.

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