And the problem is?

We need a new president, according to the right. Wing, that is.
You see the economy is collapsing. Especially if you consider an 82% upswing in the market since Obama took office "collapsing".
I suppose a downturn in unemployment is bad too. People start working and the next thing you know their lives improve. Not good in an election year.
And of course then there's that border thing. That steady decline in illegal border crossings is just so damn frustrating.
Think that's bad? Imagine this. Sick people get to have health insurance. I'm having palpitations now.
And who are we supposed to waste time chasing around the world with Osama dead? What the hell were we thinking.
Oh, and then there's that ending the Iraq war thing. What is this, a campaign for world peace? And next we're bringing the troops home from Afghanistan. Don't we understand that war is good for business?
And the straw that breaks the camel's back... lower taxes for the middle class.
The nerve of our President. He did almost everything the Right wanted. Even pissed off the Left on numerous occasions.
And now in a last ditch effort to prove to America they deserve the Oval Office... they are going after Birth Control. Yep, Birth Control. Now let's define what they mean here. They're not talking over the counter stuff. Nope, Trojans are fine. Any color, any size, any added ingredients. All good. It's those pesky hormones women take. Those are a problem. Especially if insurance pays for it. And if the employer sponsors the insurance, well, they need to be able to control what it pays for! If they don't want their "women" taking nasty drugs that stop them from populating the earth, they shouldn't have to offer a plan that provides them.
Never mind these are medications that regulate their cycle. That prevent a host of medical issues, many that can be life-threatening. That protect and preserve womens' health. Not important. What's important here is that women have too much power under this administration and they have a great way to put us back in our place.
Really? Birth Control reform? This is their platform? This is what they offer up to the American voter? This is how they will win the Presidency? Not by promising to keep and cherish and nurture the hopes and dreams of all Americans. Rather by promising something far better. Nostalgia.  Returning to our pre-industrial revolution, pre-suffrage, pre-civil rights, pre-enlightened age.
A step back in time.
Because a step forward, led by a Democrat, is simply too much to bear. And I always wanted 19 kids and counting.

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