Gutsy? Or just plain Stupid?

You know how someone, or some group, does something that makes you say wow... you didn't just do that...? Sometimes you chalk it up to nerve. Sometimes ignorance. And then there's just plain stupid.

Last week my daughter received a lovely letter from my Alma Mater explaining that due to housing constraints, they were offering her a spot on their waiting list. Ok. I understand. It's bullshit, but I understand. I'll ignore the fact that they think a kid with scholarship offers from her top four choices would choose to sit around and wait for her last choice, though it certainly indicates a rather extraordinary level of arrogance. What I find even more incomprehensible is how several days later they could call me up on the phone and ask for a donation to support next year's incoming group of freshman. Really? REALLY? So, what do you think? Gutsy? Or just plain stupid? I'm going with stupid.

Rick Santorum said last week we might as well keep Obama if Romney is the nominee. Ok I'm paraphrasing. Gutsy? Or just plain stupid. Again, I'm going with stupid.

Here's one we've all seen. Someone posts disparaging remarks about their employer, or a colleague, on Facebook. "Wow what a crappy day. My coworker is an idiot and now I have to cover his ass." Naturally their coworker is also a facebook friend. Gutsy? Or Stupid. This could be a toss up.

Ever see the cell phone commercial where the screen is so vivid a spider looks real? And this guy starts smashing the phone to kill the spider? Do you think they just make this stuff up? We live in a world that seems to encourage stupidity. Perhaps you can get away with more if people just think you're an idiot. I suppose it could work to your advantage. But generally, if people think you're an idiot, you probably are.
Or destined to be.

I really don't mean to come off as superior sounding or even spiteful, but the GOP has really been bringing out the worst in me. Here in Arizona, stupidity is an epidemic. They put forth a bill to allow guns on college campuses. I know you think I'm making this up.   Arizona-Guns for kids They put forth a bill allowing employers to fire people for using birth control. Arizona breeds stupidity

And then there's Mrs. Romney, potential First Lady. She "doesn't consider herself wealthy." In all fairness, she has actually made surprisingly human remarks when discussing her battle with MS. But this one was just a tad, well, judge for yourself. Elevator for the common man. Yeah, not wealthy. Takes nerve huh?

So before you go and do something you feel takes nerves of steel...
Before you go showing your true grit...
Before you stand up and show how gutsy you are...
stop, breathe and ask yourself... Gutsy? Or just plain stupid.

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