Well OMG it's an FFW!

OK. I've stayed silent for a whole month. A whole month of the world spinning in blissful ignorance of the crap going on inside it.

Political Crap. Or Crapsters?

Santorum. The white knight of those who would be king. But like the scarecrow, has no brains.

Romney. Hey, nothing against the very poor, really. He just doesn't want to help them.

Gingrich... As In Grinch.

And then there's Mr. Paul. He reminds me of Frank Purdue. No wait. That was Ross Perot. Hmmm. Anyone wonder if he's all just one and the same?

The college search home stretch.

Colleges that cheat. Yeah. After completing my second, arduous, lengthy and incredibly silly at times college search with young one number 2... I learn that all that rating stuff is crap. That schools cheat. Thankfully my bright intuitive daughter made her selection based on the quality of the education, not the rankings. But that nagging thought persists. What does this say about the entire selection process? Can you imagine what all those Ivy Leaguers are thinking as they look at their classmates and wonder are they really smart or am I competing with a simpleton in disguise? Anyone remember Being There?

Media. Mediocrity. 

OK, I really need to know. Who the hell is Robert Scoble and why does everyone think he rules the tech world? And he's not alone. There are others. People who never invented anything, or made anything, or wrote anything (worthwhile anyway) or even claimed to. Not journalists. Just wannabes. Yet they own the internet airwaves with their expertise. It takes self-grandiosity to a whole new level.

Limbaugh. Well now this was worth the wait. Finally lost the one thing that held meaning in his life. His sponsors. Lesson learned? Hardly. As in he can hardly wait for the next big hurrah. Oh wait! It's here! Those darn folks in Missouri... well gosh dang they know a hometown hero when they hear one.

And yes, Patricia Heaton. Shameless. Not the first time she's been caught in bed with the Rush man. Figuratively of course. Or maybe not? Won't be watching her shows anymore. Hard to laugh when someone can do this much harm in the world with a just few tweets.

So here it is. March. The iPad 3 has arrived. Still don't own one. But accepting all offers of used iPad 2's that are being replaced. I'll give you a dollar for it. That's about how much that worker in China got paid to make it for you. Yeah, you knew that was coming.

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