Goodbye PC. It's been real. Just not Real Fun.

So the Aspire may now rest in peace, after it's daily grind for several years. And I do mean that literally.

Morning to night that beast never shut up. Anti-virus constantly scanning, 20 minutes to log in and out. Programs crashing left and right. And my husband pulling his hair out. He claims it's genetic but I think that bald spot has PC written all over it.

So for Christmas, which like all good agnostic, atheistic, Jewish Unitarians we celebrate, we gave the poor suffering patriarch of the Miller clan a Chromebook. And let me tell you, he is one happy man.

The instructions for getting started fit on the back of a small booklet.
1. Plug it in.
2. Open the lid.
3. You're done.

I kid you not. And the only set up required was for him to enter his gmail user name and password. In roughly 15 seconds, his entire library of music and photos and docs and email and everything he'd done on his PC through google in the last year was right there. Poof. Magic. No whirring or wheezing or cranking needed. All synced up with his Droid too.

Then he closed the lid. When he reopened it, a few minutes later, it was up and running in 8 seconds. Took him longer than that to type in his password.

Some wonder why we didn't just get him a tablet. An iPad or Galaxy Zoom or some other fancy touch screen technological wonder. Because he's not a fan of touch screen keyboards or the new techno-English language. r u thr? Hates that. Almost as much as 'prolly'. So he needed a keyboard. Full size.

And Chromebook delivered again. The only thing he couldn't really abide was the trackpad. So I lent him the mouse hiding in my laptop bag. Chromebook does have peripheral access. USB ports. Media card slots. Whatever. It's not for the techno-geek with tiny thumbs. It's for the rest of us. Weary of succumbing to the viral illnesses that plague the PC world. Weary of the fixes offered for Windows that do nothing but plug one crack only to cause another.

This is Google land. Land of the free and home of the healthy. And I am soooooo loving it. Oh wait. I forgot. It's not my Chromebook. Did I mention you can just open the lid, and type your own user name and password and away you go? You won't see their information of course, only your own. Just erase your profile before you leave and they'll be no trace of your little indiscretion. Since nothing gets stored, no harm no foul.

While I don't actually need one right now, being a Mac user and all... someday I will find a compelling reason to own one myself.

Check it out for yourself. I give it 10 stars out of 5.   Chromebooks Rule!

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