When words fail.

I am writing this simply to convey my sense of utter helplessness and complete wonderment at the strength and courage of my cousin Robin. He celebrated a birthday this week with his wife of almost 23 years, and then in an awful twist of fate, began mourning her loss as she suffered a massive stroke.

He has shown a grace and dignity through this that I find remarkable. A man who epitomizes the moniker Devout Christian, he has shown us all what that truly means. Today, by fulfilling his wife's wish to donate her organs. And as he lives his life, through his teaching, his mentoring, his writing, and his role as a wonderful father of two and champion of those in need. Whether it is anti-bullying or health-care reform, he has and I fervently hope continues to be the champion of those in need of a voice.

I have never had the opportunity to meet him in person, nor his wonderful wife and children. But through his friendship I know that real compassion does exist. Real courage does exist. And true faith is not something we can all experience. I think it's only for a chosen few.

So today I share with you his blog. His words. His tribute to his wife. One he wrote while she could appreciate it. Courage Under Fire

In the spirit of the season, I will offer up a prayer for his family. Not sure who will hear it, but perhaps the collective positive energy of all those praying for them as well will create a positive impact, and somewhere in the world today something good will happen.

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