How sad we've all become

I find it amazing. On Facebook, you can spread a story in about 90 seconds across a million miles. Usually it ends up being untrue. Now truth on the other hand, well, try to spread a little of that and you'll be shut down in 90 seconds flat.

I find it incredibly disturbing. If you ask people to copy and paste a post that's been copied and pasted over and over, they will do it. Because it's already been done. No risk. Ask them to share something real and powerful... they simply move on. Fear? Or simply social insecurities. If you post it, maybe someone will unfriend you. Or worse, maybe people just don't really give a damn.

I used to complain that people were on Facebook and not posting. Just creeping. Now they post every little tiny detail of their life. Every single one. Good gravy. I don't need to know about your irritable bowel. Or your hangnail. I just don't. So while I recognize that I've chastised you in the past for not participating... now I'm simply telling you to shut up already. Is there no happy medium? Maybe it's me. You get what you ask for, be careful what you wish for, and so on and so forth. Regardless, I've had enough.

I've pretty much moved on to Google+ now, though most of the time I feel like I'm simply talking to myself over there. Most of my friends aren't there yet. Then again, I find it calming. What few people are there are real. They can hold a conversation that doesn't begin with OMG and end with TTYL. You can find news about any subject and connect with people nearby who have interesting things to say. If you want to. You share what you want when you want with those you want to share with. No going through 229 steps to facebook privacy. And the icing on the cake? Now I can play my beloved bejeweled blitz ad free and bug free. Yay. I even got to try Angry Birds today. Now I understand the fascination. Very sick. And I don't mean that in a good way.

It's really a matter of choice now. Facebook for me has become just a playground filled with wanna be celebs, bullies and know-it-alls. Sure, I've got friends on there, and I check in once in awhile. But I have it set up to notify me when someone I actually do give a damn about has something to say. I use the messaging to keep in touch when necessary, but otherwise it's just lost it's relevance for me.

It started as a social site for college kids. And it has come full circle. I'm too old to go back to college. And I don't want to. So I am learning how to cope without the daily onslaught of ads, pages to like, miracle cures and other such annoyances. The status updates? Don't really miss them. Some are fun and I always like to see photos of cute puppies and children and old friends, but some are just ridiculous. I'm sure some of mine were equally stupid. In fact, I went on a trip this weekend and posted some just for fun. I checked in places. Now that's just silly. Did anyone care where I was Sunday morning? Only a handful probably. And they already knew where I was. But I needed to try it out a few times to see if there was any value to it at all. Not really.

I took photos as well. Google+ was idiot-proof. Just take the pictures on the phone and shazam. They are online and ready to post... up to 8 at a time.
I took photos and tried to post on Facebook. I managed only a few, and it took a half hour.

The latest bombshell? I opened a photo that had been tagged with my daughter in it, and a message appeared beneath it letting me know another completely unrelated friend liked an even more unrelated page.

So, all I can say is WTF FB. TTYL.

Google+? Keep it coming.

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