Patriots or terrorists?

The tea party says they're not terrorists.  Well, let's discuss it rationally.

How does one take down a nation? You take down their economy.
How can a small group of citizens take down the economy?

That's the key. Our economy is built on three things. Production. We must not only consume, but produce. Two, an educated and healthy populace. That requires funding. And three, financial security. Which requires sound governance.

The Tea Party attacked our nation by attacking our governance. Attacking our funding. And ultimately, tearing down our ability to produce. This past week was nothing more than financial terrorism. Holding our nation's economy hostage, to achieve their own political goals.

For Tea Baggers, and yes I don't use the term lightly, it is not about country, it's about self. And shame on them all for that. When we stop being a society built on putting others before self, we stop being a society worthy of respect. And when we lose the respect of the rest of the world, we lose everything.

That is what is happening right now. Our economy is a house of cards and the Tea Baggers bit by bit knocked it down to achieve their own goal. That of personal financial security.

Ultimately, however, as with all terrorist acts, it backfires. Because tearing down our economy has torn down their financial security. They may have felt a few hours of gratification that they won a battle, but when they are faced with financial doom in their own personal lives they will understand that it's about US, not SELF. Their portfolios cannot survive. And their children will not have the security they mistakenly thought they were protecting.

They are terrorists. And should be punished as all terrorists are in our great nation. In a court of law. All those who interfered in the process of protecting our nation's economy with blackmail and threats to our elected officials should be held accountable. Voting them out isn't enough. What they have done is criminal and should be treated as such.

This isn't a time to say, politics is politics. It's a time to say Terrorism is Terrorism. Tea Bagging is just another form. To hear them say cutting spending is a good enough reason to hold our economy and our children's future hostage is despicable. And with the market spiraling downward out of control, I can only hope that they and their supporter's jobs are first on the chopping block. They claim the financial devastation in the market is not their doing. Sure it is. They undermined the confidence of the financial markets. Around the world investors pulled out. Our credit rating may say AAA, but in the minds of the world, it's sitting on that house of cards.

Sadly TB's will not understand what they have wrought upon our nation until they wait in the unemployment all day, only to learn we don't have unemployment anymore. To wait in line for medical care only to find there are no doctors. When the shoebox under the bed is empty of savings, where will they turn? Their Hedge Funds?

If you voted for a Tea Bagger, you better rethink your strategy. Because it just came back and bit you in the ass. And it's not over yet.

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