Enough is enough

Each election year, at some point, I just throw my hands up in the air and cry Uncle! This year, in Arizona, and elsewhere, it's come very early on for me. I just don't give a flying fig who wins what and what propositions pass or fail. I truly don't.

Normally I can say that my anger is typically directed towards the GOP, and more recently the Tea Party GOP Puppets, and their "say anything" approach to politics. But this time it's not limited to the GOP. The Democrats are stooping just as low, and it's not something I am proud of. It distresses me.

Here's the thing. When the dust settles, win or lose, I can always hold my head up high and say yeah, but at least we took the high road. Not this year. Seems this year there's only one road. A dirt road at that. Muddy too. The candidates are all going to need a good bath when all is said and done. And we might have to throw them out with the bathwater.

A local Dem running for state office sent a postcard telling me that her opponent wanted to have prisoners work in our schools. Come on. Even I know that's stretching the truth to a degree that borders on slander. I'm sure she finds some way of justifying that claim, but for me? Uh uh. That's just rolling in the dirt with the rest of em. Of course her opponent has supported some pretty stupid legislation, and granted probably doesn't read it first, but I think that we you say something that inflammatory, you better back it up.

And all these anonymous organizations running TV ads attacking one candidate or another. All having names featuring the word Family or Children to make them sound unimpeachable. Pleeeease.

And lest we not forget...our own candidate for US Senate with his unique take on Sweet Home Arizona. Good lord, he's a trained Tenor, not a southern rock star, and it was painfully apparent Southern Rock was NOT his genre. Yes, he does move faster than McCain, but it was not a pretty site.

Then there is our own Governor. Refused to have more than one debate, especially since it exposed her to the ridicule of not just her own constituents, but the world in general. I mean, we already know Education isn't a real strong suit for her.  The only thing more frightening then her actually being Governor now, is that Arizona might reelect her. Which means only one thing. Voters here are actually dumber than she is. But I don't thinks so. I think the Hispanic Vote is out there and ready to pounce. All those voters she foolishly thought were illegally here. I mean, they speak spanish, so they can't be American Citizens, right? Dumbass. Of course they can. They are BILINGUAL. And they VOTE. And we can only hope they vote in large numbers to evict her from her current position. The problem we have is Maricopa County. Phoenix and Scottsdale. Home of the wealthy and the old. And I say that with all due respect. Old Money. Old Brains. Brains are not functioning so well anymore. But the money still talks loud and clear. Frightening.

So between the mud flying and the nasty mailings and non-stop television ads back to back featuring insults and distortions, I've had enough. Do what you want. If you elect the wrong people, like lambs to the slaughter you will suddenly face your own worst nightmare. I on the other hand will stay in the background. I will not follow any of them anywhere. I will protect myself, and my family from whatever harm you seek to rain down on us. And hope it passes quickly.

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