Election update

For those who are so angry at the administration and the DC politicians you want to throw the whole bunch out, be careful. Remember not to throw the Baby out with the Bathwater.

Let me explain. The Markets have just seen their best October since 2006. The GDP is up for the 4th quarter in a row. Illegal border crossings are down, and our proactive approach has thwarted yet another terrorist plot. The donut hole crippling our seniors is disappearing and health insurance is becoming available to all. Our combat mission in Iraq has ended, and the exit strategy will soon be in place. Small steps to be sure, but certainly on the right path. And even with all the bickering, the accomplishments we are seeing are thanks to the small amount of bipartisanship that still exists. Our job at this election is to foster that bipartisanship, not put it asunder.

In Delaware, voters are contemplating electing a woman who only has a vague familiarity with our constitution. In Nevada, a candidate who thinks all ethnic Americans look alike. In California, a candidate who'd like to turn the clock back 30 years...to when her opponent was in office and things were great. In Rhode Island, a candidate who tells the President to Shove It. In Arizona, well, take your pick. A governor who's just plainly in the pockets of the private prison system. Keep them profitable by creating a whole new class of criminals. Congressional candidates who would eliminate everything from Social Security to minimum wage, corporate taxation and public education.

Worse a congressional candidate who fiercely opposes stimulus money...unless of course his company is profiting from it. Then it's a viable solution.

So before you go to the polls and cast your ballot for a candidate simply to make a point, make sure you understand the consequences. Do you want to go back or move forward. Sure things could use some improvement and we need to refine some of the new ideas and legislation. But that isn't going to happen if you send them all home. What will happen is a repeal of every new bill that while not perfect, is at least taking us out of recession and adding a little hope to our lives. Remember that this out of control deficit didn't happen overnight. And we're not going to reduce it overnight either.

But if you must, go ahead and do it. Make your point. We, the others, the sane and politically aware, will not "have your back" with all those social programs you will need. When you do lose your job, and your Cobra, and your ability to buy health insurance, the borders become porous again and you have to compete with illegals for jobs since there will be no minimum wage. Your kids won't have any opportunity because education will no longer be a right, it will be a privilege. School choice will exist for you, but without the vouchers. You'll need that private trust fund that was wiped out by the market crashing back down. Our nation and our economy is built on a very strong foundation, but with a delicate balance of power. It isn't always easy to do the right thing or make the right decision. Voting out of anger or frustration is like yelling at your children before counting to 10 and thinking about what you will say and why you will say it.

So. Before you vote, think it over. Very carefully. Are things so bad right now you are willing to risk it all on a bunch of unknown, inexperienced, planted candidates whose only agenda is to pay back those who are putting them in office to do their bidding? Good luck with that. If not, take a few minutes to learn about the candidates. Not where they stand...those are words just put in their mouths....but their background. Their education. How they live their lives. Turn off the talking heads on TV and Educate yourself before you vote. What is the national deficit? what plans are in place to reduce it and are those wheels already in motion? Will your vote change that? You'll be surprised at what you learn. You may find that in your local election, you vote against party lines for the first time, regardless of whether it's Democrats or Republicans. Vote your conscience. That's what matters.

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