Blast off

Ok. So my birthday is fast approaching and I'm not happy about it. Why is it all my childhood friends are all turning 50 this year. Coincidence? Cruel Fate? And here I'm still in my 30's. Give or take. But. I did have tickets Wednesday for Elton John. That was a bright spot. Then he got food poisoning. And I could sense the impending doom. House of cards.

So how amazing was it that last night Sir Elton showed up to give us that concert we had all anticipated. He said "I cannot NOT come and sing for you." And so he did just that. 3 hours of unadulterated musical bliss. Now I've seen Elton John before. I'm approaching elderly after all. Maybe not quite as old as some of the other fans in the audience. Whew. Maxine's got nothin on them! But as a teen I absolutely loved the Yellow Brick Road concert at Nassau Coliseum. And a few years ago, got to see a whole different style show with The Red Piano in Vegas. But nothing, nothing, compared to last night.

If you're a fan of his skills on the ivory, here's a snippet a kind fan uploaded last night. It'll be there only till someone takes it down :)
Then there's my own snippets, not quite the same caliber. Those are on facebook.

The Arizona Daily Star loved it of course. And me, well, when they kicked it off with Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding I was in the zone. And it just got better. Levon. Madman. Tiny Dancer. Candle in the Wind. Take me to the Pilot. Rocket Man. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Daniel. Crocodile Rock. Philadelphia Freedom. Guess that's why that Call it the Blues. I'm Still Standing. Circle of Life. Benny and the Jets. Don't let the Sun Go Down on Me. Sorry. Sad Songs. Believe. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting. Bitch is Back. Someone Saved my Life Tonight. And Your Song. Of course. For me, it's the soundtrack of my life. And last night, unscheduled and unplanned, turned out to be the 40th anniversary of the US release of the self titled Elton John album. And his performance clearly demonstrated why after 40 years he's still the Rocket Man. You couldn't ask for a better gift. Thanks Elton.

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