I finally understand the meaning of FML

I see it everywhere. FML. At first glance I thought it meant something about families. yeah yeah. Smack me on the forehead stupid, I know. But I just couldn't find any phrase to fit. So then I figured, some new kid slang. I tried my damndest to decipher it....to no avail. My girls laughed. Really mom? Really? You don't know what FML means?

But now I do. It just hadn't happened to me yet. But here I am. It's 106 F'ng degrees and the Governor is talking about decapitated bodies in the desert and 6 year old drug mules and the schools are broke and I can't sell my F'ng house and so now I know what FML means.

I shouldn't. But I do. I'm supposed to be living in the beautiful aristic, culturally diverse paradise known as the southwest. Instead I'm living in the ugliest place on earth.

My friends across the country assume I want to leave because I'm afraid. You know, of Mexican criminals crossing the border. I am afraid. That's true. Of the F'ng Crazy Arizonans! Starting top down with our F'ng crazy governor. She says anything she thinks will convince you that her new Immigration Law is defensible. It's not. We don't have decapitated bodies in the desert. The majority of "illegal" border crossers are not running drugs. They're running for their future. There are Mexican Drug Cartels and they are dangerous. Particularly for those living south of the border. And they need to be dealt with and fast. But LB 1070 will not have once little teeny weeny effect on them. They don't give a shit about our laws. They're F'ng criminals! So now we have a collapsed economy, a major brain drain, and a mass exodus of the good people of Arizona. Soon we'll be known not as the Grand Canyon State, but as the KKK State.

So no one is buying my house and we are stuck here. And it's Hot. And it's ugly.


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