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An open letter to those at the corner of Oracle and Ina today. You know who you are. And now we do too.

You wrap yourselves in the American flag yet you know nothing of America. You carry signs saying NO Amnesty. Well I say Amnesty not Ignorance. In fact, you all stand on the corner chanting and waving flags, protesting the fact that a Federal Judge said NO to warrantless arrests. If someone arrested you without a warrant you would stand on the mountain top to protest that this is America and they CANNOT do that.

You are so wrapped up in your hatred, bigotry and scapegoating you cannot hear the truth even when it is being repeated day after day. But I am stubborn, so I will try again.

Illegal immigration is not on the rise, it is on the decline. I won't cite the numbers, for you will not believe me. So look it up yourself.
Crime? That too is down here in Arizona, not up. We don't have more crime on the border, we have more crime SOUTH of the border. Why? Because we keep the drug cartels in business. We need to stop the war on drugs, and we'll stop the war at the border. The problem on our southern border is smugglers not tomato pickers.

And Jobs? If you are out of work, it isn't the fault of the undocumented worker. It's the employer who hired them to do the job you didn't want. If all they want is cheap labor, companies can go overseas for that. Then bring the cheaply made goods back to America, back to Walmart, where you, the proud American wrapped in your flag, will buy them and continue the cycle.

Illegal immigration is a problem, and our borders need to be secure. But SB1070 does nothing to further either of those objectives. We need Immigration reform. We need to make the process simpler, not more complex. We need to make it faster, without sacrificing our security. And we have the technology today to do that. A good Immigration bill would focus on helping people come enjoy our freedom and liberty legally. Not trample on our civil rights.

And those who wrap themselves in our Flag in support of that piece of trash legislation called SB1070 should stand on the podium of shame for they do nothing more than desecrate our flag and mock our constitution. They know nothing of our history, or the struggles of those who fought and gave their lives so that we could live in Freedom. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, have served our nation with pride for centuries. And they served as Patriots as well, helping establish these United States. Land of the Free. A precious gift that demands from us a level of self-sacrifice that at times is daunting. Sharing our blessings with immigrants, regardless of whether their papers are in order, is one of those. If you are unhappy with our inability, nay, unwillingness... to turn away the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to be free.... then perhaps it's best that you migrate on over to another land, one not so liberal, or tolerant...or free.

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