OMG it's #5. And still not made in America.

First there was the iPhone. Then iPhone 2. then, well, iPhone 3? and wait... wait for it... iPhone 4. And now the world is abuzz... huge news leak... iPhone 5 is coming. Really? Who could have dreamed.

Let me start again. 1, 2, 3, 4... and surprise of all surprises, they will have a 5. But as you might suspect, that's not the big news. Here's the real big news. It's slightly thinner and a bit sleeker.

So  yes, I'm sick of hearing about it. Android updates their system frequently with little or no fanfare. We Droidzilla fans don't make a big deal out of it. Yep. Every month or so it just gets better.

So here's the big news I'm waiting for. The story that I'll + and Share and scream from the rooftops with excitement. That we, the Americans, are finally making our own damn mobile phones. Here. In America. And hiring people to make them in the factories that have reopened, stocked with parts from the other factories that also reopened and also hired people.

And more Americans are back to work and start buying phones made in America. And we use our new American-made phones to make reservations at local restaurants staffed with newly hired formerly unemployed people who spend their paychecks on.... drumroll please... new American-made phones!

While we're at it, lets give the economy one more boost. Lets have the company making the phones use the profits to pay some taxes to help pay the teachers who educate our children so they invent more stuff. And grow up to be entrepreneurs who hire more people. Here. In America.

So iPhone 5? Big whoop. Give me iPhone X, made in the USA.

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