Back to life.

So our college road trip, #2,374, has come to a close. Back home after a full week of actual vacation. Meaning I really didn't work. At least for the most part. Nor did I watch news, or participate in anything other than experiencing the simple joy of a family trip. Though incomplete without both daughters.

We visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and yeah, it's cool. You just have to go and see for yourself. This year they are honoring Women Who Rock. And they do.

We visited my brother and sister-in-law. No squabbles or heavy family-related discussions. Just threw some steaks on the grill and relaxed and enjoyed.

Visited old friends. The best kind of visit. No pretense, no one-upmanship. Just good friends, good food and moments to keep for a lifetime.

We toured Baldwin-Wallace College. And I have to admit, it was fun. The kids who gave the tour were excited about their school, their studies, their futures. It made you want to be 18 again.

Toured my alma mater. I was kind of hoping she'd enjoy that. I was kind of disappointed. It was a beautiful day. Absolutely perfect for laying out on the quad with a group of friends or tossing a frisbee or just plain hanging. But there wasn't any of that. Hell I couldn't even find the quad. Everything had changed. The buildings, layout, even the personality of the school. Students hurriedly walked to class, no smiles or waves or sense of camaraderie. Really a bit depressing. I wondered if this is what college was like now. Then I remembered the BW tour. Guess it was just Case.

Attended an amazing alumni event though. Goo Goo Dolls. Now I was 18 again. Ok, yeah, they weren't a band when I was 18. But trust me if my daughter had turned around and seen my enthusiasm she would have made me stand 50 yards away. At least. But we were in the front row. Couldn't be helped. But again, the lack of student participation was noticeable. It was free for students and faculty and yet attendance didn't appear to be more than 500. Out of 9000+. Did I mention it was free? This was just not going to be the school of choice for my daughter. I want for her what I had. The opportunity to learn and explore her passions before the realities of life come crashing in. And this was not going to be the place.

We toured the countryside and saw how beautiful some of this country truly is during the fall foliage. And we shopped. To hell with the economy, someone needs to stimulate it.

All in all it was just a fabulously real vacation. Came home exhausted, and completely ignorant as to the events of the past week.

So I checked back into life. The economy still sucks. The 99% are still trying to figure out what they want the other 1% to do. And, just like our elected officials, they can't agree to agree on what makes them the 99%. And Herman Cain should still stick to Pizza. The Middle East is still in turmoil. Illegal Immigration? Still a problem. War on drugs? Still stupid.

My daughter's decision on college? Still requires more road trips. You might think she's playing us. You might be right. But in the end, having a week of pure unadulterated freedom from reality was worth it.

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