I report, you decide.

Yes, it seems like 2012 is around the corner. And the republicans and tea baggers, sorry, tea partiers (ever wonder what they're partying with?), are scrambling to put up a candidate who can defeat Obama.

That said, that's take a peak, shall we?

Donald Trump. Self proclaimed American Billionaire. Or is it Millionaire. You Decide. OK, now. Having read the article (I'm giving credit probably where it's not due) is a man prone to exaggeration and frivolous lawsuits when his businesses are failing a good candidate for leader of the free world? Is a man who condones bullying in a corporate environment for the sake of TV ratings worthy of your vote? Is a man who used to evict the elderly in the name of progress someone you want as a role model for your children? You decide.

Newt Gingrich. Now here's a prize. He made and broke a Contract with America. He impeached the President for sexual misconduct. Which in his case we are now supposed to forgive, forget and move on because he is only human after all. But it gets better. He now is implying perhaps we could impeach Obama too. Hypocrite or moral leader? You decide.

Michelle Bachmann. What can I say. No, better yet, what does she say? Take a peek. Will she be the first woman to be elected President of these United States? Or will her job as ghostwriter for SNL be exposed? You decide.

Haley Barbour. This is too easy. Why reinstate DADT? And yes, Virginia, slavery is wrong. Yeah, yeah....you decide :)

Oh! Oh! Oh! as Horshack would say. What about Sarah Palin? Um..who?

Mike Bloomburg. Okay. I actually like and respect the guy. Most of the time. Or maybe some of the time. Others, not so much. But sometimes I just worry about the guy. White jacket or Black tie? You decide.

Now there are certainly more hovering in the radar, and I'll get to them. I just wanted to start the conversation. Like it or not, we're in for a long long political season. The lunatics are ready to pounce, and we've got to be prepared. Grab your lawn chairs, a Billy Beer and bag of Olestra chips and get ready for the big show. It's gonna be a doozy.

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