Are you an American first?

In reference to the President of the United States commenting on the political situation in Wisconsin, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called the president's recent remarks on the situation "inappropriate."

"I think the president should be focusing on what we're doing in Washington," Graham said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." "When the president talks about Wisconsin, I think that is really inappropriate."

See full remarks at cnn

So Sen Graham, of SOUTH CAROLINA, thinks it's inappropriate for the President to remark on WISCONSIN. Hmm. I could probably just end this blog right now. It's quite obvious that either Mr. Graham has lost his map of these United States or he's forgotten what the President's role is.

I'm not sure that I fully understand the grievances in Wisconsin, or the whole budget mess they are in. And for that reason, it's not appropriate for me to comment on it specifically. But this back and forth about who should have the right to remark on it? That's just too easy.

So refresher for Mr. Graham. Just as YOU are an American, though you live in South Carolina, so are all the hard working people of Wisconsin. Yes, that's right. Wisconsin is one of these United States of America. The 30th to be precise. Thereby making all it's citizens, both natural born and naturalized, Americans. Americans whose Commander in Chief and President is in fact, the same as Mr. Graham's.

So when the elected officials within said State of Wisconsin attempt to make sweeping reforms that impact the very livelihoods of the American Citizens and Workers of Wisconsin, who will step in and ensure that their rights are not trampled on? Who will step in and ensure that the actions of State governments do not infringe on the rights of American Citizens? It's a complicated scenario, to be sure. The 10th Amendment is one of the most challenging amendments within the Bill of Rights. But the fact that the President has spoken up is not a debatable or complicated issue. Because that is Amendment I. He can say anything he likes Mr. Graham. Maybe along with that map you ought to get a copy of the constitution as well.

The inference of course from Mr. Graham is that it's a State matter. Not the President's business or concern.

Well Mr. Graham, what happens to the people in Wisconsin is certainly his concern. Their welfare, like that of every US citizen, is 100% his business. So if he wants to remark on the situation, he should do so. And has far more business doing so than Mr. Graham. From South Carolina. Whose citizens might also one day want to rise up in protest. Perhaps that's his fear. Just as the people of Wisconsin are rising up to have their say, perhaps people all across the United States will do the same. Peacefully assemble and protest. As our Founding Fathers hoped we would. My goodness gracious the people of Wisconsin are acting as if they are...AMERICANS. Well if this isn't an OMG moment.

My blog will be quiet now for a time, but once I'm recovered from my alien removal operation I will be back to antagonize and provoke everyone once again! Wish me luck :)

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