As you like it!

What could possibly be wrong with expressing your appreciation for a page on Facebook.
So you're a big fan of Miralax, want some coupons, need to lose a few pounds, hey go for it.
Maybe you can't get enough of the remixed version of Journey, so, you Like their Facebook page. I'm not judging you. Much.
You're favorite beverage is Red Bull. I get it.
But with the ability to not only Like a Facebook fan page, or product, but to actually Like outside elements, such as a news story or web site, well, things get a bit sticky for me. Now I'm not sure who determines exactly how a page on the web is referenced when you like it. Probably the same guy who writes all those insightful witticisms in fortune cookies.

Today I learned that some of my friends on Facebook like some very strange things.
TJ Likes Migraines. RP Likes Switchblades. LB Likes Rat Poison. ET Likes Herpes. I'm not saying I misunderstand these lovely one-liners, I'm saying they look really stupid when you see them. Seriously stupid.

Next time you are reading a wonderful article on menopause and you accidentally hit the "Like this page' button....get ready. Your next post may read Sally Likes Hot Flashes.

Or you're shopping for bulk cases of pull-ups for your toddler and find a fabulous wholesale site so you hit the Like button. Next post? Stacey Likes Depends.

The point is, who decided that the word "Like" would always appear in these posts. The idea that you might find an article that contains valuable information, and you want to let people know, does not mean you want your status to say "Jane Likes Colonoscopies." Or "Mia Likes Root Canals." I understand that sometimes you don't want to share the link, as it might upset or offend someone, or embarrass you. You think just Liking it will be less humiliating?

Even if you do want to share your likes with your circle of friends, and you don't mind everybody and their mother knowing what you do with your time all day at work, you have to consider how ridiculous you might actually be appearing. Now it's true that many sites let you Recommend them to your Facebook pals rather than Like. Let's try that shall we? Granny Sue Recommends New ED Miracle Drug. Versus Granny Sue Likes New ED Miracle Drug.  It's a toss up.

So while your "Likes" are certainly entertaining, and most of the time good for more than a few laughs, they are pretty much always at your expense. Just sayin.

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