Yeah. I support the budget.

Today I will piss off my friends, both right and left. But those on the right, feel free to argue with the left as long as you like. While your average American family suffers through the worst economic crisis in years, the right and left can argue till they're blue in the face. Each claiming they want what's best. Yeah. For them. Its crap and I am sick of it. It's political tug of war and innocent, hard working people are the rope. It's disgusting. I do not claim to have answers. I don't claim this is the best option. But right now Obama's compromise budget is the only one out there and not even debating it is just repulsive. So please. Enough.

I thank my lucky stars every day that my family doesn't rely on unemployment, that while it's paycheck to paycheck, we still have our home. Hubby was able to go from Unemployed to Self Employed. But so many don't. So this is about them. Not me. Not Congress.

And maybe our esteemed congressmen, congresswomen and senators just all need to shut up for a minute and look around. Go out into the streets of their cities and towns and start looking at the people again. Their people. Their constituents. Look at their faces. Look at their kids' faces. The budget isn't a political football, it's people's lives. Enough grandstanding and bullshit.

Maybe they should all go rent Mr. Smith and watch Jimmy Stewart show them how it's done.
Personally, I don't know what the answer is. But I've started my own facebook community which shall remain live and active until Congress gets it's act together.

It's called US Congress: Go Home. Stay Home.

At times like this, we need to put the elephants and donkeys back in their holding pens with a big pot of Tea. And leave this discussion to the humans. Human Beings. Grown up Human Beings. With Brains. And more importantly, empathy.

That's all.

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