The Almighty GOP

The wonderful thing about The United States is the concept that an egalitarian society could exist. One without a rigid class system or glass ceilings. Oh sure there would still be the poor, the middle and the wealthy, but unlike classes you are born into and remain in, here you could dream and achieve more. A beautiful thing. But it's gone. And it's our fault. In this age of instant gratification and entitlement, more and more voters went to the polls with anger in their hearts and ignorance in their heads. And it is tragic. I'm including some new features this holiday season. Books, music and articles that I recommend. No, not doing it for the money. Though as you'll read on, money is good. I'm doing it to help spread a little holiday joy and spirit. Because there seems to be a little bit lacking this year.

Although...this season, the GOP side of the Senate is in a holiday mood. Yep. They've caught the Christmas Bug and want to bestow their favors not on the few, the poor, the downtrodden. Nope. They want to spread that holiday joy all the way up the ladder. I will preface my 2010 Holiday Carol by saying not all Republicans are participants in this years pageant. But most of them are. And stomping on the middle class during the holiday season and dismissing their current crisis is just abhorrent. Holding out for the rich is a nauseating concept.

Imagine if you will, Mitch McConnell serving it up at a Holiday Charity Dinner at the salvation army...or maybe a KOC hall. Not inside of course, but outdoors, on the sidewalk, where it's cold and damp and his breath comes out in mists and he has to wear gloves. Much better for the staged camera angle.

A modestly dressed obviously hungry unemployed constituent holds out his chinette plate and says "please, sir, I'd like a little of everything." And the jolly benevolent Senator replies.. "not until I get some too!" Always polite, the young man has not lost his manners along with his fortunes. "But please sir, I'm hungry." "And so are we, my friend," the wise GOP deity replies. "Don't we deserve a free meal too?" "That's right," pipes in his buddy Jon Kyl, "I mean really, we actually work and are productive while you sit on your ass waiting for us to send you a check!"

Waving his arm as if to take in all the faces of the sad diners waiting their turn, McConnell continues. "This is absurd. Just because I have money I'm expected to pay for my own meal while you get a handout? And then you want health care too? Seriously. You want free food... AND health care? You make sure me and my friends get it first."

The now defeated man turns to walk away, shoulders slumped, when he trips on roughly paved street. Always one to seize the moment, Kyl calls out with a chuckle "You wanna get rid of the potholes on your streets? Walk don't drive. Hell then you won't have to worry about the gas money either."

Sounds harsh, doesn't it. Even, dare I say, Scroogish.

But what do you call it when a man who has everything to live for, receives the ultimate miracle, a donated liver, is sent home to await his death instead. This is the reality in Arizona. Our GOP legislature decided poor people shouldn't get transplants because they don't always succeed.

This weekend, the GOP is deliberately blocking a vote to ensure that middle class Americans can keep a little extra cash to help spur the economy. But the GOP says no way. Not unless ALL Americans, including the kazillionaires get to keep theirs too. Because, they tell us, the filthy rich will use it to boost the economy. They will invest in our businesses and grow our economy.

Uh huh. Let's look at that shall we. They've had these cuts for 10 years. That's what McConnell keeps saying. He keeps telling us it would actually be a tax hike if we took it away. OK. That argument holds. For the rest of us too, so hurry up and extend ours first. But wait...we've had these cuts for 10 years for the uber rich and yet our economy has slowly and tragically fallen into the abyss. The gold sitters did not invest in manufacturing or hiring or research. They put it in Hedge Funds and RE Portfolios that went belly up. And so did their employers. Corporate America also spent the last 10 years following the hypnotic lure of easy money. But some of them thankfully are coming out of their trances. Ford. Yup. Reinvesting in we the people. In good old hard work and ingenuity. In production not consumption. An American Success Story. Who's next? I'm thinking GE. Just ask Jeffrey Immelt.  But they are the exception, not the rule and right now let's play by the rules shall we?

So I'm askin to keep that $700 Billion in tax revenue. What good will it do? It won't solve the deficit. No. it won't. So let's ignore the deficit for the moment. Just for the moment. Hmmmm. Let me count the ways we can use it over the next 10 years. Let's put $70 billion in a Health Care Emergency fund to ensure that poor people don't get kicked off transplant lists, regardless of where in the US they live. Then, let's take another $70 billion and fix the damn school systems so we don't have local districts raising property taxes or sticking it to local merchants. Then let's take another $70 billion and kick start the enterprise funds to boost small businesses. Not enough you say? Maybe you don't know how to spend your money wisely, but we the people, yeah we know how. I'm taking another 70 Billion for law enforcement and Fire Protection to distribute where it's needed so EVERY American can feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods. And another 70 Billion for the unemployed benefit extensions and proactive job creation. Now, total it up and it's only half what the GOP wants to keep tucked away under their adjustable craftmatic sleep number mattresses. Maybe THAT can go towards the deficit.

But really. Before any of you start taking issues with my numbers, remember I'm just making a point. They aren't realistic, and aren't meant to be. Now that that's out of they way (yeah, I know you were ready to jump all over that) let's take a look at the spending habits of the very rich, shall we. And I am not referring to the few, the proud, the generous, like Buffet or Gates who give FAR more than anyone could ask because they are good people at heart. Let's look at the rest. Because, if all goes as planned, our esteemed leader will be forced to compromise and let them keep their 700 billion in order to get them to agree to spend another 40 on unemployment. I'm sorry, couldn't they just cut that break a tad and allow them to keep $660 so we still have the 40? Oh wait, that would be akin to making an intelligent decision. Something our government knows little about.

$700 Billion goes a very long way when used wisely. When put back in the pockets of those who don't need it...well, here's what they will do.
They will buy a LOT more luxury cars than even this year. And this has been a pretty damn good year. In fact, read up on how the luxury auto market has suffered through the recession.

They'll travel a bit more. That's sure to boost our economy. Oh wait, they don't usually go for domestic travel. That's us middle classers.  Their destinations tend to be a bit more, shall we say, exotic? Someplace fabulous like Mauritius.  A place I've always dreamed of. So investing in our domestic travel and leisure industry? Not likely.

They will donate more. That is true. To their favorite puppets and causes, like say, their own political machines. Help them raise more funds to convince we the people that they should run this country. Your money. They'll spend their tax break to take more of your money. And when they succeed at last, as they have now, you may just find yourself on that line holding the plate out waiting for something to eat. You'll have to wait longer now, because in the GOP world, the servant class, and we do have one, eats last.

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