My Mayan Bucket List

Since according to the Mayan Calendar, this is pretty much it, I've started on my bucket list. It isn't your usual bucket list. It's really more of a seize the moment kind of deal.

As a lifelong procrastinator, I've decided to finally change my ways. Not all at once mind you. And maybe not today, or even tomorrow... but sooner rather than later.

So what have I done thus far during this year of the cataclysmic event?

Well, I finally purchased a new phone. Well, the old one died, but still, I bought a new one with new gadgets that I actually intend to figure out how to use. I'd been investigating this potential purchase for a while. Asking the experts and those who just think they are. Got no consensus at all so I went with Maxxie, short for Maxine. Yep. The cartoon character. Says it all. And I'd certainly put Maxxie up against Siri any day. One night I got up to turn the ringer off at 3am. The next morning, there was a message from Maxxie. Did I want her to automatically turn the ringer off at night? Why yes, Maxxie, thanks for asking. Did I want to select a few special people for which she would make an exception? You bet. Thanks again, Maxxie. She's a dream droid come true.

I actually attended one of the keynote sessions at an annual conference instead of sleeping through it. Ok, so it was President Bill Clinton. But I could have waited for the replay and I didn't. Worth it too. He was one of the most interesting people I've ever heard speak in person. Actually, he was the most interesting. I didn't make it to Fareed Zakaria though. There's always next year right? Or not.

But back to Clinton. He talked about globalization and the economy. He talked about a woman he met in Rwanda and how he formed an investment group to fund entrepeneurship around the world. Reminded me of the woman in Rwanda I made a loan to recently through Aslya. I got my first repayment a few weeks ago. That's something I did for the first time this year. And I took the money she repaid me and lent it to Leonel in El Salvador. Go ahead, click on the link and try it. Your first loan is funded by a sponsor so it won't cost you a thing.

Ok. off the soapbox. I relived the 80's with a bit of Huey Lewis... guy can still rock out. Though why hasn't he aged like the rest of us? Maybe he's Mayan. He's here to lead us home. You have watched Ancient Aliens haven't you?

Spent more than 20 bucks in a slot machine. And kept playing till we lost 30. What a rush.

Started walking a few miles a day instead of holing up with my elliptical in the house.
During which time I discovered we had new neighbors.

I do my laundry before it overflows the basket now. I'd hate to have the world end and nothing good to wear for the event.

I'm defriending people on facebook who aren't friends. Yeah I know, I've said that before. It's that not so novel concept we should all stop putting off. Go on. Hit that button. Seriously, what if doomsday comes and we find out the people on our fb friends list will be our eternal friends. Scary, huh?

We're going to go back east for the 4th of July for a real, new england, old fashioned, on the beach kind of celebration. We'll need bikes or scooters to get around. I haven't even ridden a bicycle in years. I've never ridden a scooter. Which should prove highly entertaining. Especially for the locals.

While there I intend to wear Red, White and Blue and wave little flags and eat ice cream cones and in general be as touristy as possible. Unless I'm too lazy to go into town and end up just hanging on the beach listening to the waves lap against the shore. 

I'm working on shedding some excess baggage just in case someone invents a smartphone that can beam me up when the time comes. I'm guessing the less molecules you carry the quicker your trip.

I'm going to final read War and Peace all the way through. 

I am going to publish at least one of my stories online so you can all see why I chose an alternate profession. 

You'll notice a few things I'm not going to do. Starting with making a complete ass of myself and going viral with it. Thing is, there's a pretty good chance that calendar thing is wrong. 

There's a few more items on my list. And eventually I'll get to them. But one mustn't go cold turkey on procrastination. It's almost a spiritual part of my being. Why do today what can be done next week? Or even next month? As long as it's done before the end of time, it's all good.


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