Cancer kills, politics shouldn't

So The Susan G Komen foundation has decided to end funding to Planned Parenthood. Well over half a million dollars in aid, that goes towards Mammograms and Breast Exams to woman who have no alternative health care, is being yanked because some politico with an agenda started an investigation into Planned Parenthood, knowing FULL WELL what it would mean to do so.

How  many women will die because of a very stupid decision?

Officially, SGK says their new policy forbids funding organizations under any sort of local, state or federal investigation. Not that they are guilty, or even presumed so. This is the USA. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Not in this case.

This is simply bowing to political pressure. Well. Goodbye SGK funding in my home. I will give the same amount now to Planned Parenthood stipulating the use towards Mammograms and Breast Exams. I will help ensure this means NOT ONE WOMAN will needlessly end up in later stages of Breast Cancer because the political anti-women zealots get their way.

I suggest you all do the same. If you do not support the efforts of Planned Parenthood, send your money over to the American Cancer Society and become an official sponsor of birthdays. Or your local Women's Health clinic. Start your own fund. It will take all of us to stop this scourge.

Early detection is everything. And Planned Parenthood, like them or not, are well positioned in the community to provide the early detection needed. Which is why they were partnered for so long with Komen. It's time to start questioning the Komen agenda. Is fighting Breast Cancer their main goal? Or have they fallen victim to the institutionalization of a charity. Is it all about the money? How much and from where? When corporate contributors, politicians and lobbyists control the agenda, the focus shifts. Have you noticed there seems to be a price to raise money in their name? Pink yogurt lids. Eat yogurt and they'll donate. There's an endless list of items you can buy to help the cause. So how much of your purchase goes to fight cancer? Very little. But hey, Komen approves it, the company sees a huge spike in sales, and profits, and everyone wins. Except women.

Worse yet, they are shoving smaller charities out of the way by protecting Trademarks. Yep. Don't use the word Race in your fundraising effort. Really? It makes me sick to think about. But it's all for the common cause, right?


Whatever it takes, we need to make sure that tens of thousands of Women continue to get the screening they need and deserve. I say this not as an activist. Nor a left wing social liberal.

I say this as the daughter, and granddaughter, of Breast Cancer survivors.

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