Romney-Ryan are just a couple of regular guys...

Let's face it. Romney and Ryan are a picture perfect team to try and take back America. Because they look just like the face of America. Well.. in their eyes.

What do they see in the mirror? Prosperous. Healthy. Successful. Heterosexual. Male. White. Pearly White Teeth. Blemish free. The American dream personified. What do they see at their fundraising events?

Oh wait. That's not all of America. They'll need more votes than that won't they. They need to court regular folks to win the White House now. Hmmm. How to fix that.

I know. They can play "let's pretend". Just like those fools at the free rallies waving flags and singing songs of God and Country. They're pretending to be just like Romney and Ryan. Except they probably don't have pearly white teeth. And their necks are a bit redder without those starched white collars. And don't you love the outfits. Romney gets the tie... Ryan gets the jacket. But neither wears both because then they couldn't have that casual roll up the sleeves working stiff kind of look they were going for.


Ok. Now with the right look and attitude, they come across just like those undecided folks waiting outside who couldn't afford the price to get into their little affair.

Why would they need to pretend, some might ask. Romney's got Ryan now... ya know... he really is a regular guy.

OK, I'm not going to try and give you the forensic accounting, but trust me. Ryan is not a regular working class midwest hero. He's a fraud.
So, take a minute and read this: Why Ryan's not a regular guy

In 2010, while a majority of Americans struggled just keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, Ryan bought his family a new home... almost 6,000 square feet at a price of almost half a million dollars. I'm guessing the home was worth far more, but with the collapse of the housing market, regular guys like Ryan could afford to splurge.

His money is invested in energy companies.... the same ones he provides tax breaks to in his slash and burn budget miracle. Um, can you say conflict of interest?

But let's put aside his wealth shall we? No, not yet. You see because he has money, he's not struggling economically and his policies won't have anything but a positive effect on him. While devastating the rest. The bottom line of the Ryan plan is simple. Quite wasting our hard earned tax dollars on those in need and give it back to those who don't. Eventually they will create jobs with it. Or not. Maybe they'll buy themselves a 6,000 square foot house instead. Because maybe their money comes from investing in companies that are getting tax kickbacks. Funded by the rest of us. It's dirty economics. Not salvation.

How about health insurance? No big deal. WE THE PEOPLE pay for his insurance for life. And retirement too. So if Social Security goes... no biggie. WE THE PEOPLE have him covered there too.

Pell Grants? Student Loans? Federally funded student aid programs? Not to worry, he's plenty secure in that realm too. What WE THE PEOPLE don't pay for, he'll be able to since he's worth millions. Though... perhaps here's a worthy moment to pause and take stock of Ryan's background. Like perhaps the fact that WE THE PEOPLE helped put him through college on the cursed Social Security he received when his father died. So yeah, WE THE PEOPLE took care of Paul Ryan when he needed it. He just doesn't see the need to return the favor. (info courtesy of Wisconsin Policy Research Institute) 

What about women? Well, we have no need to worry. In Paul Ryan's world we can leave the decisions about our lives and our futures up to the men. Ryan's respect for womanhood Any woman who votes for two white guys in suits with fat wallets and small hearts deserves whatever they get. Which will be nothing but misery.

In a nutshell, Paul Ryan has a plan to save America. His America. If only we could see it from his perspective. Romney too. Well, he has no plan. He just wants to be President. They will do their damndest over the next few months not to see things our way. Not to empathize. Rather to prove to us that if we could look at things from a whole new world... their world... we'd understand what they were trying to do.

Guess what. We do understand. And no way in hell we're going to let it happen.

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